Zip Cloud Review: Store All Your Files Safely on the Net!

Zip Cloud Review: Store All Your Files Safely on the Net!

When you’re at work, the files you need are at home. When you’re home, the files you need are at work. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of your files stored securely somewhere on the Internet, where you can access them wherever you are?

Zip Cloud does exactly that, allowing you to upload your files to the Cloud, accessible from your home and work computers, friends’ computers…even mobile devices. No more carrying around a thumb drive or external hard drive. You’ll have access to your files anytime you have an Internet connection, with backup and security to ensure you’ll never lose a file.

What is Zip Cloud?

Zip Cloud is from the same company that released, a service that backs up your computers on a pre-set schedule. Like, it allows you to set which files you’d like to sync by simply downloading one application to your PC. They will be compressed as they are uploaded, which will speed up the process, then decompressed when they are downloaded to your device.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach to moving files back and forth, Zip Cloud allows that as well, giving users a drag and drop option.

Safe and Secure

Zip Cloud uses encryption similar to what banks use, giving you the protection you need. Your account will also be password-protected to ensure no one else is able to access your data.
Best of all, your files will be backed up automatically, keeping everything safe and secure. Change something on the file on your computer and it’s synced with the file in the Cloud. You won’t have to worry about constantly backing up your data and saving them to multiple devices. It’s all in the Cloud, where you can always get to it.

Control Your Backup

Zip Cloud’s advanced scheduling feature lets you plan which data to back up at which times. Give specific dates when you want certain files backed up and even set dates when you want to opt out of certain files being backed up. This puts you in control of your Cloud file storage.

Your files will back up even when your computer is in power saver mode, allowing you to schedule your file backups for those times when you won’t be using your computer. At any time, you can right-click on a file and immediately back up a file or queue it to back up.

Share Files

Zip Cloud users can share data information with friends and co-workers, even inviting them to view those files in e-mail or through Facebook or Twitter. This makes collaboration a breeze, as you each have access to the file, no matter where you are in the world. When you access the file in the Cloud, it will have all of your teammates’ or friends changes, ensuring you’re always working with the latest version.

Away from your computer? All you have to do is browse to on your smartphone and you can find any files on your online account for viewing on your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or any other type of smartphone. If you have appropriate editing software, you’ll be able to edit those data, as well, making sure you never have downtime.


Zip Cloud is priced at only $4.95 a month, which gives you unlimited backup. You can try the service out for two weeks for free. Be aware that the $4.95 option requires you to pay two years in advance. If you choose to pay monthly, it will be $9.95 a month, with slight discounts for those who opt to pay six or twelve months in advance. Zip Cloud is currently available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X. It is expected to soon be available for Linux.