Youtube: How Much Time Do You Need?

Previously On Youtube…

Not too long ago, a visit to Youtube would yield videos of a maximum of ten minutes. I am willing to bet that, on occasion, the video would finish and you wished there was more. Maybe watching a dog sing the theme from Batman or a cat making a horrified face for ten minutes just wasn’t enough. Okay, maybe those weren’t what you were watching, but there were most certainly times when ten minutes just weren’t quite enough. I have good news for you: Youtube has responded to our need for MORE.

Super-Sized Videos

In response to repeated requests over the years, Youtube has increased the video upload size from ten minutes to fifteen. While that may not sound like very much, just consider it for a moment. Depending on the content, five more minutes can really be significant. Video producers will have more latitude in the way they present their content. People sharing family moments online will be able to save time and effort by not having to deal with multiple uploadsl. A clip of a trailer, a video product promotion, or concert footage will not have to be divided into chunks for uploading and viewing.

What This Means for Me

It was very annoying to have a video that I wanted to upload only to find that it exceeded Youtube’s ten minute limit by only a minute or two. I either had to edit it further than I wanted to, or I had to break it up into separate uploads. Separating the content ruins the continuity. It is very difficult to find the right point to divide the video so that it still flows well for the viewer. With the extra five minutes, I have extra flexibility and will be less likely to need to exclude content or break up my videos.

Why More Minutes?

Youtube’s Content ID system is in place to manage copyrighted material. US movie studios, music labels, and other media industry leaders are managing their content with the system provided by Youtube. Because Content ID protects the owners of the media rights, they are able to offer an increased upload size without risking infringing on anyone’s rights.

15 Minutes of Fame

Andy Warhol, a famous pop artist, once said, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Now Youtube is offering us the chance to take full advantage of proving Warhol’s vision. How will you use your fifteen minutes?