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Are you a person who likes to have a kitchen gadget for every possible cooking conundrum? Do you have a Swiss army knife with as many tools as you could ever possibly need, just in case you ever get lost in the mountains?

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most useful and the most appreciated. When someone mentions ‘software’, lots of people immediately conjure up a whole host of images of confusing commands and troublesome technology. That need not be the case.

Wondershare have created the Swiss army knife of software: a set of simple, straightforward, useful tools to get you out of a bind – tools which you will use and come depend upon. Say goodbye to some of the most irritating constraints on your use of computers, the internet and other programs with built-in restrictions.

Tools in this review:

• Video Converter Ultimate
• DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe
• PDF Converter
• Data Recovery

Change is Good

First up on the list is Wondershare’s ‘Video Converter Ultimate’ for Windows. So there you are in the recessionary times, trying to save a few bucks and stream a movie instead of forking out a fortune on cinema theater tickets. Your popcorn is ready to go, but wait… the movie isn’t  It’s buffering for an eternity, because thousands of people are trying to do exactly what you are doing, and now you are ready to crush that little egg timer if you could.

Step in, Wondershare’s Video Converter Ultimate. You can just download that movie from the streamed version when it suits you, so you are all set and ready to go whenever you want to watch it – no serial killer tendencies forthcoming.

That’s the fantastic thing about this nifty little application, it has a number of excellent practical features, that are just too good to refuse. There are three editions of Video Converter Ultimate to choose from, depending on your budget and the feature set increases in line.

What’s more?

Perhaps like most video geeks, you enjoy the magic of movies and motion pictures, but the fact that you can’t watch your favorites when you want because you are not with a particular device that can play it gets you irritated.

Congratulations, there is a top-notch solution to this. The Video Converter Ultimate allows users to rip videos and DVDs to any format they can play on several devices.

This ensures that you don’t have to get only files of AVI, WMV or MP4, or perhaps use devices that play specific file formats like MKV, FLV, 3GP, etc. Additionally, you can also burn videos to DVD files or ISO files.

Of course it also has the ability to download videos from any website, like the major search engines and video sharing sites and import them to any application you choose.

This tool does the basic and the advanced video conversion, burn, rip and edit functions all with an easy drag-and-drop style interface. It’s an excellent tool to have to hand and boasts a conversion rate up to six times faster than other similar products or previous editions.

The Reel Deal

You’ve made some terrific memories, and captured many of them as photographs. But a single photo won’t tell the full story and albums get dusty on top of wardrobes. Now you can revive the art of storytelling through photo slideshows, and Wondershare’s DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe is a great way to do it. What makes a good slideshow?

Well apart from the pictures themselves, you want to be able to add music, video, special effects, a voiceover for some hilarious commentary, even perhaps make it 3D for that super special finish. All this and more are available on DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe.

Key Features include:

–  A range of over 480 free style templates to choose from

–  Beautiful DVD menus to choose from

–  Add Titles, Voiceover and Background Music

–  Add Intros or Credits for a super professional touch

–  Select from a range of special effects and transition effects

–  Single click DVD burning for fast and easy DVD creation

–  Timeline display for easy control

–  One click resolution change between 4:3 and 16:9

–  Easy organization with dedicated tracks for photo/video/audio/cliparts/titles/scene effects

–  A range of editing tools such as red-eye removal, text effects, crop & rotate, and photo specific effect

This application features and easy to use wizard style interface with drag-and-drop navigation and is suitable for editing beginners and advanced users alike.

PDF Perfection

We’ve all been there. You have a PDF file you want to update, but you haven’t got the super expensive application to edit it. Cue sighs of frustration and lots of hair pulling.
That needn’t be the case with Wondershare’s PDF Converter and PDF Converter Pro.

This aptly named application does what it says: converts PDF files to standard file formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, as well as HTML, Text, and even EPUB. Simple, useful – perfect. Whether you are computerizing your office paper records or looking to make a great presentation from the documents on your desk, this is a super flexible feature.

The main difference between the two editions is the ability of PDF Converter Pro to convert scanned files – handwritten or typed hardcopy documents scanned to your pc or laptop as images and saved as PDF files, can be converted into all the available formats above, using the Optical Character Recognition tool.

Otherwise they both share most of the same versatile features below:

–  Conversion of PDF and encrypted PDF to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, HTML, Text and Epub formats

–  Conversion of PDF to images such as .jpg, .gif .tiff, .bmp, .png (not included in PDF Converter Pro)

–  Retain original text and graphics during conversion

–  Ability to bulk convert documents to multiple formatted documents

–  Super fast conversion of 100 pages a minute

This excellent application is perfect for solving all your PDF editing woes, without the need to splash lots of cash on expensive software. Great value for money and functionality you will use time and time again.

Avoid Data Disasters

You’ve spent hours of pain and sweat laboring over your laptop trying to complete an assignment, spreadsheet or powerpoint. Suddenly your system goes into meltdown and you realize in horror that you didn’t click “save”. Frantically you reboot your machine, praying for the Windows recovery tool to restore your work, but… your file is GONE.

It’s exactly this type of problem that you will never have to worry about again with Wondershare’s Data Recovery. Whether you accidentally delete your files, corrupt your formatting, reset to factory settings, remove your external hardware device while it’s still connected or get a virus, Data Recovery will ensure that your documents, videos, audio files, emails and archives are all saved from everlasting destruction or deletion.

Key Features:

–  Over 550 file formats are guarded by Data Recovery.

–  You can use this software to back up all your data from nearly every type of storage device, be it a Windows based PC or laptop, phone, camera, USB, memory card, external hard drive or other.

–  There are four individual recovery options:

      1. Wizard Mode Recovery: Set up and answer security question to retrieve lost files.

      2. Partition Recovery: Restore corrupted or lost network partitions, with all data intact.

      3. Lost File Recovery: Provide the original file name and saved location to retrieve formatted or deleted files.

      4. Raw Recovery: When your file system is corrupted, a deep search recovers your data.

–  Image and document preview allows you to view the targeted recovered file so you can determine if it’s the right file and if the quality of the file is good enough.

–  Retrieve data with a simple 3 step process: Select; Scan; Recover

–  Super easy interface suitable for first time data recovery software users.

Data recovery is an extremely user friendly, well rounded, disaster recovery tool for safeguarding and retrieving your files if you do have an issue. And better to be safe than sorry.

So, what do the users say?

Wondershare awarded the ‘outstanding’ award on independent review site C/Net.com and four stars from review website PracticaleCommerce.com for Video Converter Ultimate Wondershare’s PDF Converter software also received 4 stars from 5 on C/Net.com and on Softpedia.com


You can’t go far wrong with any of Wondershare’s flexible and versatile toolkit of solutions for most of those annoying little problems that can cause you hours of aggravation. Since Wondershare offer a Free Trial download of their applications, you can easily try before you buy and make you own mind up; to our mind, well worth the try.