Wirefly Review and Special Offers: Your Cell Phone’s Personal Advisor!

Wirefly Review and Special Offers: Your Cell Phone's Personal Advisor!

Wirefly Review and Special Offers: Your Cell Phone's Personal Advisor!

With so many choices in cell phones today, a consumer can feel overwhelmed. Wirefly makes cell phone shopping easy by making side-by-side comparisons of all of the top carriers’ phones. But Wirefly doesn’t only show you the best cell phone to buy, it helps you buy and activate it once you’ve made your decision.

Carriers’ Top Choice

When it’s time to buy a new cell phone, you have a choice. You can go to the nearest retail location or website of your cell phone service provider or you can choose an authorized dealer, such as Best Buy or Wal-Mart.

Wirefly.com offers a third choice. Like those other authorized dealers, Wirefly is authorized by Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile to sell its services and equipment. By choosing Wirefly’s online store, you can search for a new cell phone from the comfort of your sofa, having it dropped off at your door as quickly as the next day.

Save Money and Time

Not only can you find the least expensive phone to meet your needs, Wirefly offers deals on all the latest phones, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars. With free FedEx shipping and prices lower than the competition, you’ll find this is the easiest upgrade you’ve had in years. Plus, you’ll be able to track your order every step of the way, keeping an eye on where your phone is in its progress from Wirefly to your house.

If your mobile carrier is having a promotion, you don’t have to go through them to get your savings. Wirefly can make sure your plan includes any deals going on through your cell phone carrier at that time. Once you’ve purchased your new device, your monthly billing cycle goes through your cellphone provider, as always.

Most Popular Phones

When you first visit Wirefly, you’ll be given a variety of choices. If you already have a wireless carrier, you’ll want to narrow the choices down to only your carrier’s phones. Your section will prominently feature the most popular phones at that time, including any free phones available. These phones are promotional offers by your phone carrier, given only with a new contract. Wirefly lets you narrow even those choices down, choosing manufacturers (Blackberry, Nokia, HTC, etc.), price ranges, and more.

If you have features you require from your phone, you can narrow the list down to those as well. Looking for a smartphone? Check the smartphone box. Features like international call ability, front camera, and touch screen just a few examples.

No Contract Required

Interested only in prepaid and no-contract phones? Wirefly has those, as well. You can save money with phones from Boost Mobile, Cricket, Virgin Mobile, Tracfone, and others by buying phones that don’t require a contract. If you aren’t sure which phone carrier to use, Wirefly helps you out there, too, by combining all the carriers’ phones together with the best deals.

With a no contract device, you’ll simply purchase your phone and begin paying a set fee, usually priced lower than the major cell phone carriers’ plans. You can stop using your no contract phone at any time and simply cancel the service. Wirefly has no contract phones priced as low as $18.88 with monthly plans that include data and texting.

Want a smartphone? You don’t have to be bound to a contract to enjoy the same features your friends have. Wirefly has no contract phones that include cameras, photo and music storage, and full-service data capabilities without binding you to a two-year contract.

Family Plans and Other Items

Used to a family plan from your cell phone provider? Wirefly can help you with that, too. If your phone company is offering an add-a-line special, you’ll see it when you go to the carrier section of Wirefly’s site.

Wirefly also allows you to check to see if you’re eligible for an upgrade. You’ll simply need to enter your cell phone number and a few other pieces of information and Wirefly will check to see what specials apply to you. You’ll also be eligible for specials that are specific to your area.

If you need a home phone, wireless card, tablet PC, or mobile hot spot, Wirefly has a section for each of those items. Wirefly’s selection of these items centers around wireless providers who provide the services, with tablet PCs coming equipped with 4g cards.

Have a still functioning old cell? Wirefly’s trade-in program will allow you to make cash on your old device while switching it for a new. Simply specify your phone’s model and condition and Wirefly will walk you through the rest.


Wirefly.com makes purchasing a new cellphone easy and fun. No more waiting in line at your cellphone carrier’s retail office. Wirefly can have your brand new cellphone at your front door tomorrow, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.