Windows 8 Versus Mac OS X Mountain Lion: Performance Comparison

windows 8 or mac os x lion

windows 8 or mac os x lionWhen it comes to the latest and state of the art operating systems today, Microsoft and Apple are leading the industry and both are facing each other in the battle for being branded as having the best desktop operating system today. While Microsoft has their upcoming Windows 8, Apple has the Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Both are deemed to be the best operating systems in the market today. However, people are expecting differences between these two. Let us take a look at how they differ from one another:


To start, Microsoft will give a major make over for the new operating system’s interface with the new and modern Metro style, leading to disorientation to those who have been used to the usual interface that Windows has been sporting with its previous operating systems. People can expect live tiles in the start screen which is very much different from the old icons. What makes these live tiles better than the previous Windows operating systems is that users can have quick information about the applications or programs that the tiles represent, such as unread emails and current weather forecasts. The photo app tile can even be personalized with the user’s favorite photo.

Although the OS X Mountain Lion chose to retain their traditional look for their interface, they still made it better by including some of the best aspects of the iOS for the desktop operating system. Users can find below the screen their favorite apps for easy access. Furthermore, the OS X Mountain Lion operating system can create a folder when users pair an app with another. For example, when the user pairs the email folder with notes, the operating system will create a folder called Productivity. One helpful feature that remains to be the trademark of the OS X is the Mission Control which gives the user a quick preview of everything that is going on.


The Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion also have their share of applications that can be downloaded from their respective app store. However, the Windows 8 desktop apps are a bit more inconvenient to download since users cannot download these directly from the Windows Store. Although they will be guided to the site where they can get the desktop apps arranged in tiled categories, also in Metro style.

For the Mountain Lion, it is easy to download apps from the Launchpad. People who have been downloading iTunes will be familiar with Apple’s store since the interface is quite the same. To help the Mac OS  users further in deciding which app to get, the categories includes top paid, top free, and top grossing. Other helpful apps are included in the categories of Macs in class, Games Starter Kit, and Staff Favorites.


With the dominance of social media these days, the sharing feature has become a necessity in different operating systems and devices. And this feature is certainly made convenient both with the Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

With the Windows 8, users can utilize the sharing feature by simply swiping sideways and taping the Share option in the Charms menu. After doing this, Windows 8 will bring out a thumbnail that will include a link description for the web address.

The Mac OS X Mountain Lion also has its way of making sharing easy for the user. Users can make use of the Share Sheets where they can share directly from the app that they are utilizing. Different sharing options are available for every app.


Windows 8 screens their apps even before including it in their Windows Store. In addition to this, Windows 8 has the Trusted Boot which prevents malware even before the operating system does. Another security feature is the SmartScreen which can detect malicious sites.

The Mac OS has the Gatekeeper which protects the users from installing malware. It gives the user a control measure by allowing green-light app downloads from the Apple Store.

Final Words

By discussing these important features of the Windows 8 and the OS X Mountain Lion, we can ascertain that it is very least likely that consumers will go wrong between these two operating systems. It is a matter of choosing their preferred device or operating system manufacturer and consumers will be on their way to getting the utmost convenience in their desktop computing needs.

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