Windows 7 Professional Best Price & Review


Why Windows 7 Professional over Windows Home? Well, if you love the entertainment options in Windows Home Premium, and want to use your PC for media and entertainment (like watching TV in Windows Media Center) but need to get some serious work done? That’s what Windows 7 Professional is made for. You can use Windows XP Mode to run the Windows XP Productivity programs you love, backup data automatically to your home or business network for easy recovery, and connect to company networks securely and easily with Domain Join.

Best Features

1. Improved Taskbar: The best part of Windows 7 is an improved taskbar that makes finding what you want and moving between your programs and documents intuitive and fast.

2. Jump Lists: Where the improved taskbar is the best part of Windows 7, jump lists are the best part of the task bar. You can get to your most used files in only two clicks and instantly be working instead of digging around for the right document.

3. HomeGroup: HomeGroup makes it easy to set up your home network. No more of that struggling to find your computers and set them up in a network; now with HomeGroup you can set up all the Windows 7 PCs on your home network in only four clicks, and you’re ready to go, able to find any document on any computer from any computer.

4. Domain Join: It’s easier than ever to connect to company networks with Domain Join on Windows 7 Professional, so you can get to work and spend less time getting connected.

Customer Opinions

Satisfied customers find Windows 7 Professional fast to start up and shut down, which is an improvement over Windows Vista, and thought that the install process (particularly clean install) was simple, fast and straightforward. Most users find that Windows 7 Professional runs faster and more smoothly than Windows Vista, and offers better performance than Windows XP. The most popular feature in Windows 7 is the new improved taskbar, which offers much more functionality than the taskbar in previous versions of Windows. Windows XP Mode is also very popular in Windows 7 Professional, as it allows business users to run Windows XP productivity programs. Users also like the way Windows 7 looks and found it easy to navigate and run.


The retail price of Windows 7 Professional is $299.99, but better deals can be found online. Amazon has it new online for $260 with Prime shipping available. Other vendors on Amazon offer it for as low as $250 new and $234 used.