Will Carbonite reduce my computer’s speed?

Assessing Carbonite for efficiency and operational effectiveness

One of the main concerns for anyone purchasing new software is the worry that the amount of memory required, the space taken up and the activity it undertakes will reduce your PCs efficiency. Many programs that we use on a daily basis tend to slow things down, making it difficult for you to get things done.

There is nothing more frustrating than having your day interrupted by software muscling in on what you are doing and making itself known to you! Tools which utilize too much memory will slow your system down, making it difficult for you to perform normal everyday tasks, and ultimately create the risk of system crashes, freezes and restarts. If there is a risk that work could be lost because of poor system operation, you can be sure that I wouldn’t want the software, regardless of how good it is at backing up my data.

I currently use a Netbook for my business work. Netbooks usually operate with Intel Atom technology, which is slower than any new Intel mobile or desktop processor. This made me wary of downloading software which works in the background while I did other activities, as I was concerned about my system slowing down too much.

Carbonite operates automatically on your machine. Here’s how to access it to find out how much space it is taking up:

(for Windows)

  • Press CTRL + ALT + DEL
  • Select Start Task Manager
  • Click on Processes and find CarboniteUI.exe
  • To the right (where it says ‘Memory’), you will see the amount of RAM that Carbonite uses.

This shows that even when you select your files to be backed up, Carbonite will use a specific amount of memory as the amount of data it has to upload. The more information that you need to back up, the more memory will be needed, for uploading time. After the initial back up has been completed, you will only need to use a few megabytes to maintain your online file system. This gives me confidence that I will still be able to operate my machine normally, while the software will observe my data quietly and automatically.

So – in conclusion – Carbonite doesn’t impact working practices in a negative way, and the value it offers when it comes to safeguarding your information far outweighs the amount of memory it relies upon to do its stuff!