Why should I spend money on an online backup service?

Why should I spend money on an online backup service?

Why should I spend money on an online backup service?

Why should I spend money on an online backup service?

The way of storage development through the years and the last technological solutions.

I remember when back in 1994 I stored my first game in a 3.5” diskette using my new Intel 486 PC. Since then, storage for computers has changed dramatically, and there is now a massive improvement in the amount of space we can use to store our files, and methods for backing up our data.

Back then, a 3.5” diskette of a total 1.44MB was not enough to save a single mp3 file! This meant that we were really restricted in terms of options for storage, and the information we were able to keep. Because backing up data was complicated and time-consuming, most people didn’t make the effort to safeguard their information. Luckily, that has now changed and it has become easier for us to store copies of all our important files.

The evolution of storage solutions

With hard disks reaching 1 and 2 Terabytes (1TB = 1.048.576MB), you can now save and download anything you want, from mp3 files to movies. We now have the ability to copy documents and images, keeping our memories safe and our businesses secure against loss of data.

While being able to store a huge amount of data in your computer is very practical, it does not save you from potential data loss. It is relatively common for hard drives to crash, risking all of your data. External hard drives, flash drives and CD or DVD disks can help keep your data files safe. However, they are not always practical for people looking to store a large amount of information, and they do not offer 100% security.

The pitfalls of traditional storage methods

When we use disks or a hard drive to store our data, there is always the risk that they could be damaged, lost or corrupted. In addition, transferring your data to external disks takes time and requires ongoing maintenance to make sure you are always storing your latest files on an ongoing basis.

Why I recommend online storage

Based on my own experiences, online storage offers a great solution for safeguarding your data. It has more features to offer for someone looking to protect themselves against data loss. Advantages include the remote access capability, which enables you to restore any file you want in any computer, globally, through internet access. Also, the space you can use to back up your files is vast in comparison to traditional methods of data backup. I personally use Mozy Home, which offers unlimited storage space.

Another attribute of online storage is the fact that the whole process can be automated, to work in the background while you focus on other tasks. All you need to do is select the files you want to back up, and even if you have recently modified them, the backup file will be refreshed automatically.

Recently, Online storage service providers have been listening to their customer requirements and enhancing their products, meaning that they are now more suitable to their user’s needs. In my opinion, online storage is the best way to save valuable data, with reasonable prices and a wealth of features.