Which online backup service should i choose?

What are the criteria for selecting an online backup service?

This information is based on my personal experience of selecting the best possible solution for your backup storage solution. I learned the hard way, but I’m sharing this information with you so you don’t have to!

Your preferred solution for online storage should be…

  • Easy and simple to use, so you are not put off by technical difficulty
  • Tested and reliable, so you know you are choosing a proven solution that really works
  • Linked to product updates and enhanced features as the product improves over time
  • Offered with good help assistance online, by phone, by e-mail, user manuals and tutorials
  • Easy to operate quickly and efficiently, with good system performance
  • Provided with system security that has multiple, configurable passwords and levels of security
  • Run on a well-supported network, database and hardware
  • Given with a free trial, so you can test and decide if it is right for you
  • Provided with an easy working environment which is understandable to new users
  • Compatible with the latest operating systems, for maximum usability.

I used these criteria when I was looking for my storage solution, which is how I discovered Mozy. In fact, this selection criterion applies to any situation where you are choosing the right software solution, regardless of what it’s for! Carry this checklist with you to safeguard against making impromptu decisions, to make sure you spend your money wisely, and safeguard yourself against impulse purchase decisions.