What’s the Best OS for Top Bloggers? New Windows 8, New Mountain Lion X or Linux Ubuntu?

Tablet pc with hand finger ,cloud and skyEveryone who uses a computer and an Internet connection has got their own preferences when it comes to their favorite or most used operating system (OS). These preferences are usually developed over time and depend a lot on past and current experiences.

Bloggers and their OS

Bloggers are just like any other computer user, but the fact that they use the computer a lot more than regular people makes the selection of the right operating system very important for them.

All 3 major OS, namely Linux, Mac and Windows have their own fan following and I do not wish to advocate any of them. This post is not meant to declare the best of the 3 OS. Instead, I simply propose to point out the salient features of the latest versions of these 3 OS and see which of them is the most suitable for top bloggers.

Windows 8 and Its New Features

Windows 8 is the latest version of the Windows OS and has introduced a lot of welcome changes compared to the previous version of Windows 7.

The first and most noticeable factor that strikes you is the change in the start menu. The start menu in Windows 7 was crammed with an unattractive list of programs, through which you had to scroll indefinitely to find the program you wanted. But the start menu in Windows 8 is replaced by an attractive and eye catching page of small and colorful squares representing the different programs.

Another great feature of Windows 8 is the Charms application which allows you to use the search and sharing functions, in addition to the control panel, devices and Start menu. This Charms bar can be accessed by placing your cursor on the right hand corner of the screen.

Windows 8 comes with IE 10 installed and also integrates Windows Live ID. Overall opinion is that Windows 8 can be confidently rated as the best version of Windows OS published so far.

Mountain Lion and Its New Features

Mountain Lion OS X comes with many new features including a pre-installed antivirus software called Gatekeeper. While this may be a great step forward in protecting your MAC from virus attacks, the worst part is that it comes with a default setting that blocks installation of all non-Apple 3rd party software.

This can be changed of course, but unless you are conscious of this default setting, you may be banging your head against the wall trying to install something that you want.

Other features are Twitter integration and the new Messages app. Messages app allows you to send unlimited free SMS to an iPhone, iDevice or MAC. Overall, the Mountain Lion does not come across as a huge improvement upon the previous version.

Linux Ubuntu and Its New Features

The latest version of Ubuntu named the Precise Pangolin is definitely more user friendly when compared to the previous versions. It has a window snapping feature that makes work smoother, especially when you are using a word processor like Libre Office and want to research the web for any additional information.


It is obvious that all the 3 OS have released improvised versions. But common sense tells us that no matter how great the newest version of any OS is, no blogger will change to another OS overnight just because the latest update has many great features. But if you are looking for a great OS, Mountain Lion and Windows 8 seems to be the best.