What is file restoration?

Learn what is file restoration or data recovery and see how Carbonite does it.

In this time of critical business practices and busy lives, it is more important than ever to make sure we have a sound system in place for recovering lost data.

Data recovery or file restoration is the process of retrieving damaged or corrupted data when it cannot be accessed with a normal way. You can perform data recovery on deleted files as documents, images, mp3 songs, etc. With the latest generation of data recovery software, you can also recover files that have been deleted from your recycle bin, have become damaged from a software failure or a disk level failure when it’s developed bad sectors.

Today’s data recovery software typically supports multiple types of hard drives and removable media, including USB drives, CDs and so on. It is also one of the best options used in online storage services. The best thing about online data recovery these days is that it’s so easy to use. Frankly, today’s software is so user friendly that anyone—whether amateur or expert—can find and retrieve data that at one time would have been considered lost forever.

How Carbonite restores your data for you

Carbonite uses a file restoration process which ensures you can recover your data. It can operate in two ways to restore your information.

The first way is by opening the Carbonite software on your machine and choosing to restore your information. Another way is to go through the website at http://www.carbonite.com and choose to restore your data through remote access.

The software can then restore everything you have on-line with a single click, or gives you the option to find the path for the files you’re looking for, and recover them instantly.

This software is easy to use, intuitive, and safe. It also makes it very easy for you to access your information through different means, restoring it with a single click, wherever you are in the world, and whatever has happened to your machine.