What Can Windows Phone 7 Offer To The Digital World?

What is Windows Phone 7?

Windows Phone 7, previously known as Windows Phone 7 Series, is a new mobile operating system from Microsoft coming soon on select smart phones. This update to Windows Mobile takes the operating system to the next level, apparently in an attempt to compete with the iPhone.

New User Interface

The new operating system uses Live Tiles, animated tiles that represent apps loaded on the mobile phone. Apps are updated constantly and are customized by each user. The animated tiles on the home screen reflect what the user may have missed since last checking their phone. Users may also add playlists, photos, and other favorites and pin them to the start menu for easy access and for decoration. Features are separated into “hubs” and each hub has a different purpose.

Connect with Social Networks

Windows Phone 7 has a People Hub for connecting with Facebook, Windows Live, and other social networking sites. Rather than a static address book, this hub allows users to access live feeds and text or call friends and use other apps during conversations. The unique Me Card feature allows users to update statuses or change photos on several networking sites at once, a feature that no other smartphone can offer.

Camera for Sharing

A Windows Phone 7 phone has a built in camera for taking pictures that can be saved in its Pictures Hub until users are ready to send or share them on Facebook or Windows Live. The exclusive feature of this hub is that it also saves photos that friends have recently posted on Facebook!

Multimedia Bliss

The Music and Videos Hub is the only smart phone multimedia center that can wirelessly sync music from a PC, stream, or download media from the Marketplace. There is an integrated FM radio for music as well. A high resolution screen makes viewing videos, television shows, or movies a pleasure.

Take Your Office with You

Office Mobile, in the Office Hub, has mobile versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint so you can work when you aren’t at your desk. OneNote Mobile syncs on line lists, audio, or pictures and SharePoint Workspace Mobile allows collaboration right from your smartphone.

All Work and Play Too

Windows Phone 7 is the only smart phone that is integrated with Xbox LIVE free service for online gaming from any location from your Games Hub. Those wanting to play on their own can use the Marketplace to find word, strategy, or action games for download.

The Marketplace

This smartphone has exclusive access to a superstore packed with apps, games, video and music. The Marketplace has tons of content for free, trial, and purchase. Some purchases may be added directly to your mobile telephone bill.

Even More Extras

Windows Phone 7 has integrated Bing for web searches, Outlook Mobile for email, a calendar, Internet Explorer Mobile for web surfing, Windows Live for networking, and Find My Phone for remote lock or data erasure if the phone is lost.

Details, Details

The Windows Phone 7 will be offered from AT&T and T Mobile providers. It is scheduled for release in Europe and Asia on October 21, 2010. US customers will have to wait until November 8, 2010 to experience Windows Phone 7.