Why Voice Over IP for Business Makes Sense

voip for business

Why Voice Over IP Makes Sense for BusinessEven if technology has evolved to a great extent in recent years, there are innovative ways of saving money, resources and time as well for your business.

Voice over Internet Protocol is one such means at your disposal today.

It is technology that allows you to make calls through broadband Internet rather than traditional phones and it’s been lapped up by many businesses all over the world that are making the switch.

VoIP has several advantages and disadvantages for you and knowing them is important for your business.


VoIP telephone systems offer you convenience and comfort that can be accessed anywhere in the world. You can easily log into your VoIP telephone through any broadband connection. You could be anywhere in the world, as long as you have Internet connection, you can make calls and reduce calling cost at the same time.

You can also make the most out of them via emails when you are traveling. All you have to do is carry your IP phone or headset and you can connect with your staff or clients without spending a fortune.

Improved Productivity

With the help of this technology, your employees can multitask without any interruptions and thus it will have a positive impact on your business’ productivity. And the savings you make on the phone bills can be allocated to other needs of your company.

Voice over internet protocol means a lot of flexibility as you can attach documents, share data through video conferencing and conduct virtual meetings as well. And today it offers you crystal clear voice quality on par with regular telephone calls. It has been seen that cloud-based telephone systems leads to faster decisions and overall boost to the productivity of a company.

Door Phone Entry Buzzer gives extra security

VoIP has its own way of offering you increased security as only accepted visitors are given entry into the building. You can use an analog door phone to speak to your visitors before giving them access to enter your premises.

If you want to allow them enter, you can simply unlock the door through your phone. Thus you can ensure that your building is not infiltrated.

Higher Flexibility and Mobility

Even though you have a VoIP system, you have the option of using regular phone and a VoIP converter or telephone adapter. The converter is akin to a USB memory stick that can be simply plugged into a computer.

The adapters on the other hand can be taken anywhere to have telephone conversations from any place that has Internet connectivity. This higher mobility is of great aid to those who are constantly on the move.

And it also means long distance calls are a lot cheaper than using traditional cell phones although you get the same features and comfort at all times.

You can Reach more Customers

It’s particularly true for small businesses that can make the most of the features offered by VoIP calling and low costs involved, to reach out to a wider range of customers, both nationally and internationally.

Since International and toll free numbers are cheaper to have, your customers from different parts of the world can connect with your business easily. VoIP phone systems have various professional features that add great value to your business as far as marketing and customer service is concerned.

Innovative Training Tools

You understand the importance of customer service, and with VoIP you can ensure that all your employees are trained to answer every call with the required skills.

Thus it will go a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction. You can use barging where managers can listen in on client-employee conversations while deciding whether you want your employee to know if you are listening.

You can also use the Whisper feature where you can offer live tips to the employee without the customer knowing. It will help train your employees a lot better.

It is Cost Effective

Voice Over IP telephone system is a lot cheaper than your regular telephone. Moreover with this kind of a provider, your long distance calls are a lot cheaper as well.

That’s the reason many businesses all over the world are switching over to this technology. It is also considered to be a cost effective solution when it comes to toll calls, local and international calling.

You can set up cloud-based phone systems easily without any technical resources or hardware installation. And that in itself can save you huge amounts.

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Voicemail to email transcription

This feature can transcribe your voicemail messages to texts before sending them to your chosen email. Hence it will save you the hassle of noting down numbers, names, addresses etc.

You can be in control of things and read the emails at your leisure. You can file, organize, delete and search your voice mails in the most efficient manner.

It is Multifunctional

You can not only use it to make calls but for videoconferencing as well. Thus you can stay connected with your employees and clients to discuss important details, meetings, or share files, agendas etc.

You might be traveling in a foreign destination on work but you still have the option of attending meetings in your home office. And you can easily do that without being physically present anywhere.

Given these benefits, it only seems natural that businesses should adapt to Voice Over IP systems. Besides saving costs you have the advantage of improving work and time efficiency. Installing VoIP in your company can lead to long term, sustainable business growth.