Vocalocity Cloud Phone Service Review: For All Your Business Telecommunication Needs

vocalocity-cloud-based-telephony-phone-service-reviewCloud telephonic services are the future of business telecommunication. Rather than using a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), these communication services connect calls via the Internet.

Many small businesses have shifted from traditional telephonic setups to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) facilities because they are less expensive and easy to manage. The fact that VoIP services usually provide their customers with quite a few customized features, is also an added bonus.

Why Vocalocity?

Choosing Vocalocity for all your telecommunication needs will be highly advantageous for your business. Some of the reasons for selecting Vocalocity are:

1. Dedicated to help you succeed:

Vocalocity provides top-quality service to your business, allowing you to access your calls and messages and to stay in contact with your employees, no matter where you may be.

2. Small price, big benefits:

VoIP services are cheaper than the traditional PSTN setups and with all the pre-installed features that Vocalocity has to offer, you get to manage your entire communication network with a single package plan, which is well worth your money. Also, calls to all extensions within the same VoIP network are free.

3. Freedom to choose your own plan:

Vocalocity is one of the leading providers of telephonic services for commercial use and offers many different package plans to its customers. The unlimited, metered and virtual extension plans are available to the users at fixed costs and if you feel that neither one is well-suited to your needs, Vocalocity offers its clients the freedom to customize and create their own plan by mixing up the existing ones.

4. Customizable features:

A vast range of features are usually installed free of cost into the package plans according to their billing charges. However, at an added cost, clients can add any additional features that they require for their businesses. This means that you can have an all-in-one communication setup rather than paying for each individual service separately.

5. Using self-owned technology:

Many telephonic service providers use technology that they do not own. Vocalocity, however, owns and designs its own technology so they are able to modify and adjust it to their clients’ preferences. Even if you need to get the equipment repaired, they can fix it up for you efficiently and they are constantly designing new features and add-ons to incorporate into their packages.

6. Providing customer care:

When you are initially setting up Vocalocity’s telephonic system, the customer care staff will guide you through each and every step of the process, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your installed setup.

Helpful and efficient, the customer support staff is available during office hours to cater to all your problems and queries. If you have any urgent issues that need to be addressed, you can submit a ticket from the website and a customer representative will reach you as soon as possible to help you out.

Features of Vocalocity’s VoIP Service

1. Basic Features:

Vocalocity offers certain basic features within most of its plans. Such as, an online administrator portal that is easy to use, directory and emergency assistance, as well as the option to set up a caller ID. Furthermore, call waiting, announcing, screening and call continuity (i.e. the ability to continue your calls even without power supply), are all possible through the very basic package plans at Vocalocity.

It also offers you the service of adding multiple devices to a single extension and of fixing an area code to enable seven digit dialing. Moreover, voice-mail is also provided by Vocalocity and a “Do Not Disturb” feature is available to shift your calls to voice-mail when you do not want to receive them.

2. Additional Features:

A lot of additional features are available with Vocalocity’s VoIP package plans. So if your business needs demand certain specific services, you can customize your package accordingly.

If you have a small office and adjusting your entire staff in that cramped space seems impossible, get them to work from home as Vocalocity makes “Teleworking” easier. Now you can keep in contact with your employees throughout the day and work from anywhere, even while traveling.

This can result in better productivity as less time is lost in commute, a more satisfied staff personnel, and complete accessibility to your work even when you are unable to reach it due to bad weather or transit strikes.

How convenient would it be to call up to 30 people at a time in a conference call or being able to check our voice, email and fax messages in one inbox? Vocalocity makes it possible to maximize your “Productivity”. You can also make calls directly from the web and likewise, you can add a tag for your own number online, so that your clients can call you in just a click.

If you already have a local number, no need to worry, the staff at Vocalocity will help you in integrating your number into their network so you do not even need to change your number to shift to the VoIP service.

Furthermore, if your office is at some distance from your home and the commute results in missed calls, turn on  Vocalocity’s call continuity settings to transfer calls to your cell or home phone and never miss a call again. “Mobility” is no longer a problem.

This service is not only available on android phone because this telephonic company can integrate its setting to any mobile phone. You can also check your voice messages in the form of emails while traveling, through Vocalocity’s “Voice-mail to Email” service.

Vocalocity’s “Training and Compliance” features, enable you to keep track of your employees’ performance through call recording, call screening, and call logs so that you will always have a record of your calls. This cloud company offers 2GB free storage to its users and also gives you the option of monitoring your calls.

Give your small business a “Big Business Presence” through Vocalocity. With features like “Music on Hold” and “Virtual Receptionist”, you can show your clients that your business is a big and booming one.

This telephonic company also offers you a lot of “Desktop Plug-ins” to enhance your working experience and to make it more convenient for you.

Customer Testimonials

Vocalocity caters to customers owning businesses in construction, e-commerce, marketing, consulting, health-care, sales, finance, insurance as well as tourism.

Some customers say that Vocalocity has enabled them to lessen the distance between their branch offices and they can now communicate with people over great distances with ease, while others say that it’s user-friendly interface and low cost make it easy to setup and use.

Customers love the fact that new features are constantly being developed and added to Vocalocity’s service and they are happy to have monthly packages that they can modify each month according to their needs, rather than having annual packages that they are stuck with for an entire year.

Some clients even point out specific features like, call recording, call groups, and calling from the web facilities which have made their lives easier and have helped them increase their business potential.

Overall, Vocalocity has satisfied its customers from all over the globe and is actively working to improve its services even further.

Where Can I Find More Information?

You can find more information on Vocalocity official website page.


Nowadays, there are many companies that are catering to the needs of developing companies and providing them with good quality business telephone services. Vocalocity is one such company that offers VoIP setups to growing businesses.