VMware Workstation 9 Review: Your Powerful Virtualization Tool

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Making use of the latest hardware, VMware Workstation 9 is able to recreate desktop and server environments for your use. With VMware Workstation 9, you can easily run most of the demanding programs and applications. Famous for its vast support of operating systems, all-round features, increased performance level and great user experience, this great virtualization tool now supports Windows 8.

What’s New

There are several new features that contribute to VMware Workstation 9’s increased performance and functionality when compared with its previous version. It’s a great virtualization tool for professionals to work with. It has supporting features for Open GL when it comes to Linux, Windows 8 and restricted VMs. In addition it also contains a new interface for virtual machines.

When it comes to Windows 8 evaluation and testing your applications, Workstation 9 is great for operating VMs and working on Windows 8 computers. Creating a VM for Windows 8 is made easy by a simpler installation process. The Unity option enables scaling of windows suitable with Win 8 Metro programs. Besides this, the multi touch ensures that you encounter a true and great VM Win 8 experience.

The already good 3D graphics a more enhanced in the latest version. With quicker 3D graphics and different supporting features in a virtual machine, the software can easily control more demanding 3D programs and apps such as AutoCAD and Solidworks.

The latest web interface allows users to access VMs running in VMware Workstation 9 on any device having a modern internet browser without any requirements of different plug-ins. Interaction with VMs is made very easy and accessible and you can easily power them on or off or even suspend their use.

Features & Benefits

– With VMware Workstation 9 you can easily access any VM that you need regardless of the source where it is running. You can make use of any device that supports a modern internet browser, such as your smart phone, PC, electronic tablet, and gain access to server and local hosted virtual operating systems.

– You can now make use of different cloud infrastructure such as VMware’s Micro Cloud Foundry and Apache’s OpenStack and create a cloud while using your laptop. Big Data programs from enterprises such as Cloudera can be easily operated on your laptop through VMware Workstation.

– Workstation enables users to run programs on several operating systems at the same moment on the same computer without any need of rebooting. You are able to evaluate and check different programs, patches and operating systems in a completely secluded environment.

– To transfer virtual machines from VMware vSphere to your PC or vice versa, you simply need to make use of a simple drag and drop action. Besides this, Workstation also supports UBS 3.0, Bluetooth and higher definition audio having 7.1 surround sound, increasing its compatibility with more demanding applications.

– Workstation 9 enables developers to make use of profiling equipments such as Intel’s VTune in order to analyze and conclude the overall performing ability of software working within the Virtual system.
For an increasingly productive work environment and fast sharing of test programs for you and your team, Workstation 9 can be used to share the virtual machine. Workstation 9 can be run as a server in order to share virtual machines within your enterprise. This also enables enterprise to have control over the user’s access.

Pros & Cons


• This popular desktop virtualization solution is very good for sharing images with others.
• It comes with an ability to form linked clones to save disk space.
• With VMware Workstation 9 you get tabs for each virtual machine in form of an all-in-one window.
• Guest VMs are automatically able to change resolution when resizing program window.
• Drag & Drop, shared clipboard and USB device pass-through support between host and virtual machine.
• As compared to its predecessor and competitors, VMware Workstation 9 comes with better networking features.
• It provides you a 3D hardware acceleration feature.
• Runs on systems that do not contain SLAT capable central processing units.


• It has been observed that the kernel stops working if the software is installed using the Linux KERNEL 3.5
• When compared with competitors VMware Workstation 9 has inferior disk performance.
• At times the ThinPrint is unable to recognize and find new printers on the host when it is started.
• You might face problem with software UI crashes when switching to full-screen view

Plans & Cost

If you want to use this features laden software you can get Workstation 9 for $249. If you want to get your Workstation 7 or 8 upgraded, it will cost you $119 but if you have bought Workstation 8 between 1st August’12 and 30th September’ 12, you can get the upgrade for free under VMware Technology Guarantee Program. You can also get a free upgrade if you have an active support and subscription contract. If you are not sure and want to test this product you can use the free trial which is provided by VMware.


VMware Workstation 9, a virtualization software, which comes with plethora of good all-round features such as support for USB 3.0 and more importantly Windows 8, is certainly one of the best in its class. You can’t go wrong with it, especially if you are a technical professional. It’s surely is a good investment and one that you won’t regret if you are looking for appropriate 3D hardware acceleration and Windows 8 support. If you are still unsure, trying a free trial will help you make right decision.