VMWare Workstation 8 Review: Helps You Build Your Virtual Environment

VMWare Workstation 8 Review: Helps You Build Your Virtual Environment

VMWare Workstation 8 Review: Helps You Build Your Virtual Environment

VM-Ware has been revolutionizing the virtualization market since 1998, allowing multiple operating systems on multiple workstations using a variety of peripheral devices to operate together on the same network. VMWare Workstation 8 furthers VMWare’s goal to operate in a Cloud-based environment. In fact, with the new edition, your business will be able to employ the Cloud technology all your competitors are enjoying.

Test Before You Deploy

Because of VMWare Workstation’s compatibility over a variety of environments, software developers rely on it to test software on different platforms prior to deployment. VMWare is set to work with Visual Studio, Eclipse, and SpringSource Tools Suite so that your I.T. staff can test software before it is pushed out to users, saving time and money. Quality Assurance teams also use the program for its ability to test applications during configuration.

It is also a great tool for your sales staff and marketing professionals, providing the ability to conduct presentations for clients in a variety of environments. It is able to simulate performance on network servers, workstations, and even database servers, showing your clients what to expect in their work environment.

Ideal for Training

If your business has a training classroom, you likely know how difficult it can be to restore PCs back to their original condition at the end of the class day. With VMWare Workstation 8, your business can hold all the lessons you’ll need for your class, even hosting tools you’ll need for demonstrations. At the end of the day, you can set it up to automatically push the PCs to which it is connected back to their original state, preparing for the next day’s class without having to do any manual configuration yourself.

While there are many classroom applications, including schools, it is ideal for technical training, as it allows instructors to teach multiple operating systems using just one computer. This is not an easily achievable goal on a traditional workstation. With VMWare Academic Alliance, your business can obtain unlimited VMWare Workstation licenses for your business.

Programmer Testing Tools

VMWare allows systems developers to share virtual machines with other teammates. This simulates a production environment during the testing phase of an application development process.

VMWare Workstation 8 puts your PC in the Cloud, allowing you to drag and drop files for access by colleagues using vSphere. vSphere is a host server that allows your business to create its own personal Cloud, for use by only those you authorize. This is especially helpful during software testing, as it allows your development team to more quickly deploy applications for users to test.

Plenty of Space

With VMWare Workstation 8, you’ll be able to create multiple operating systems on the same server with up to eight virtual processors, 2 TB virtual disks, and up to 64 GB of memory per virtual machine. You’ll also be able to utilize 256-bit AES encryption, along with smart card authentication.

Workstation 8 also has AutoProtect, which intermittently takes snapshots of your machine, creating restore points you can go back to. You’ll never be caught off guard by a mysterious bug in your system again. Using AutoProtect, you can rewind time and return your PC to its previous condition.

In addition to AutoProtect, it also gives you the ability to Clone your machine, creating an image you can then load onto other virtual machines in your environment. These copies can be made from your baseline configuration, then deployed to multiple workstations, making it ideal for training environments or work environments that require standardization.

Recycle Old Equipment

Have old workstations sitting around your office? Put them to use. VMWare Workstation 8 allows you to use equipment you already have to create your virtual environment. With VMWare, it doesn’t even matter if your equipment runs Windows or Linux. Both will work.

One of the main reasons to purchase Workstation 8 is its award-winning excellence, with more than fifty awards having been doled out to the company. VMWare Workstation won the 2011 Dr. Dobbs Jolt Product Excellence Award, and has since been inducted into the Jolt Hall of Fame. The company has some of the best software engineers in the country working to perfect its platform so that other software developers, IT professionals, and businesses may enjoy the many benefits of the software that VMWare’s employees enjoy.


Workstation 8 is available for immediate electronic download at only $159.91. The license is good for both Windows and Linux. Your license purchase includes 30 days of free e-mail support. Volume licensing is also available, with pricing for eight to ten or more licenses. Volume licensing comes with the option of one or three years of support.