VMWare Fusion 4 Allows Windows to Run on Your Mac – No Rebooting Required!

VMWare Fusion 4 Allows Windows to Run on Your Mac - No Rebooting Required!

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VMWare Fusion 4 Allows Windows to Run on Your Mac - No Rebooting Required!

Everyone thinks of Windows and Mac as two separate operating systems—completely unable to work together on the same equipment. But VMWare Fusion 4 not only allows both operating systems to work in harmony, you’ll be able to pull up your Windows files on your Mac without rebooting.

The Leader in Virtualization

VMWare is known for its ability to work with multiple operating systems in a variety of environments. But addressing the PC/Mac issue makes software generally known for its use in office environments to the home user. Computer users have long hoped for a way to operate both OS in harmony, allowing for easy access to files. VMWare Fusion 4 provides that harmony.

Even the avid Mac user can’t help but be occasionally exposed to the Windows operating system. Perhaps that exposure is at school or work, where files must be saved and accessed at home. While Microsoft now provides Office for Mac, allowing you to pull all your files in, your valued Windows software still can’t run side-by-side on a Mac. With VMWare Fusion 4, you can easily cut and paste between both OS files, making all of your content work together.

VMWare recommends Fusion 4 for home, school, and business users who frequently need to share files and software across multiple computers. If you prefer the Mac interface to Windows, you need no fear. It has made sure the Mac experience is preserved even when running Windows applications. You’ll still have your Launchpad, Mission Control, and Spotlight. You’ll simply be able to access your Windows-based files and programs from within your OS’s interface.

Customize for Your Needs

With VMWare Fusion 4, you choose how much or little you integrate your two operating systems. Fusion 4 allows you to choose how you see Windows on your Mac, from viewing it in a window to Unity View, where you never see Windows at all but the programs are integrated into your Mac operating system. You make the choice.

If you prefer to integrate the two, Fusion 4 lets you add your favorite Windows programs to your Launchpad, allowing you to always have access to them. Mission Control also displays your Windows apps right alongside your Mac apps.

But you aren’t limited to icons and small windows while Fusion gives you the option of viewing Windows full screen. Using Spaces, you can have more than one Windows program open full screen at once, giving you the option of swiping between them just as you would your Mac programs.

Easily Transfer Your Entire Operating System

Both Mac and PC users alike are accustomed to moving files back and forth from one computer to another, but to load an entire operating system and all its contents would be unthinkable with traditional devices. VMWare Fusion makes it easy to transfer your entire operating system to your Mac if you choose, allowing you to access your files, folders, and software without even having to reboot.

VMWare Fusion 4 has a migration assistant that makes the conversion easy. You may not use those files and programs every day, but they’ll be around when you need them, which will give you peace of mind no matter where you take your Mac.

Compatibility and Pricing

VMWare Fusion 4 allows you to see your Windows XP, Vista, or 7 operating system on your Mac, as long as you have a 64-bit capable Intel Mac, minimum 2GB of RAM (at least 4GB is preferred), 750MB free disk space, and Mac OS X 10.6.7 or later. The X LION operating system is recommended for running VMWare Fusion 4 but not required.

The best news is the product’s price. You can get it at a permanent price of $49.99 per license. The software is available for immediate download with the pricing available for both new and existing customers. If you aren’t sure if the software meet your needs, you can try it out for thirty days before committing.

VMWare Fusion 4 comes with a full learning suite, which will walk you through the process of moving your operating system or even installing a new copy of Windows on your Mac. This edition also allows you to pause certain virtual machines on your machine to temporarily free up system resources and make your Mac run faster. This saves you from having to shut down machines, instead simply putting them on hold until you’re ready to use them again.


There’s no need to have two separate machines to operate both operating systems in unison. With VMWare Fusion 4, you can have both operating systems on one computer, allowing you to test applications, share files, or simply use aspects of Windows you like in a Mac environment. Thanks to Fusion, running multiple operating systems on one machine has never been easier.