VMware Fusion 5 Review: An Easy & Fast way to Operate Windows Programs on Mac

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VMware Fusion 5 is designed especially for home users who want an easy, fast and reliable way to operate Windows programs on their Mac. The improved software also incorporates several new features when compared with its predecessor, optimizing its overall functionality.

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What’s New

You will find several new additions incorporated in VMware Fusion 5, which makes it a superior version to its predecessor. Now you can encounter a Windows experience, like never before on your Mac. This newer version is revamped to use the latest Windows 8, Mountain lion and Mac technologies in best possible ways to enhance its functionality and productivity.

The newer user interface enables you to run your Windows programs in a faster and easier manner. Features that are distinct to Mountain Lion let you easily search your wanted Windows applications, stream your Windows and Mac videos on High Definition television and even receive VMware notification in its notification panel.

You can now get the most out of the latest Windows, the Windows 8, and use it on your Mac operating system along with its other running applications. Rebooting your Windows 8 is almost 1.4 times faster when VMware Fusion 5 is compared with its older version. This faster performance contributes to a longer life of your Mac’s battery, increasing the overall efficiency when it comes to power consumption.

The super fast 3D graphics and ultrafast Windows environment resuming and suspending ability are few more additions to the newer version, along with enhanced virtual Machine Library having retina display option and improved snapshots graphical appearance.

Features & Benefits

– Using the PC migration assistant feature of your VMware Fusion 5 you can easily transfer all your content from your PC to your Mac. With this new and improved software, you are able to experience the best of both worlds by accessing all your old PC files and programs on your new Mac. You also don’t have to choose between Mac or Windows operating system at startup. VMware Fusion 5 makes things easier for you.

– Running Windows native programs on your Mac cannot be made any easier. There is no need to reboot your system, as running your much loved Windows programs along with Mac applications is no longer difficult. With an easy install, you are able to run any program on your Mac that is native to Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8, including programs that are designed strictly to run on these operating systems, such as the Internet Explorer, Microsoft Project and Access.

– With very accommodating copy-paste, drag-drop, networking and printing options, which require no incremental setup, you can now use Windows programs in exactly the same way as you use your Mac applications. This can be done by launching Windows programs directly through Launchpad, Spotlight or Dock and viewing them in Mission Control, Spaces and Expose. The entire package is made more interactive with incorporation of Mac shortcuts that can launch Windows programs easily.

– Besides all this, you can also choose how you want to undergo your Windows Programs’ experience through your Mac. VMware Fusion 5 enables you to experience your Window Programs in three different ways, which are, full screen view for a complete Windows experience, a single window view to achieve separation between Windows and Mac environment, and, lastly, a unity view that enables you to experience a fully integrated environment without seeing any Windows.

– The Unity option helps you experience your Windows environment like using Mac applications through the use of OS X gestures. These gestures help you switch between full-screen Mac and Windows programs. They help you access and view Launchpad, Mission Control and your desktop with increased ease. VMware Fusion 5 also provide you with the ease of using some Windows-specific devices on your Mac that include USBs, smart phones, mp3 players and Bluetooth devices that are only compatible with the Windows operating system.

Pros and Cons


• When compared, VMware Fusion 5 has the greatest performance among the benchmarked desktop virtualization software.
• Affordable
• Good for business use, especially with complementary powerful features and customization options.
• Easy for most users who are inexperienced with virtualization solutions.


• The increased speed at times brings Mac to a stall, affecting its performance.
• Limited USB 3 support and less control over graphics options.
• This user interface is not as stylish or elegant when compared with Parallels.

Plans & Cost

VMware Fusion 5 is priced at an affordable $49.99 but you can also use it through a 30 day free trial download. The software is compatible with i3, i5 , i7 processors, Core 2 Duo and Xenon, hence to run VMware Fusion 5 you require any 64 bit capable Intel Mac. It comes with a minimum requirement of 2GB of RAM, but 4GB is recommended. VMware Fusion also requires 750MB free disk space at least 5GB space for each separate virtual machine.


There is no doubt that VMware Fusion 5 is a great virtualization application that enables users to have a Windows on Mac experience like never before, especially if you are a Retina Mac or Mountain Lion user. While Parallels is used more because of its ease of use, VMware Fusion 5 with its favorable price and better first time investment satisfies the requirements of advanced virtualization users in an economical manner.