Vipre Internet Security 2014 – New Features & Deals


(You will find them at the checkout page were it says “See available coupons here”)

Vipre Internet Security 2014 couponVipre is a great choice when it comes to Internet Security software. Their new product of 2014 can protect you from more than two hundred thousand threats that daily are threatening to enter your personal computer.

It is very important to own an internet security product like Vipre for the following reasons:

1. It protects your identity when you’re surfing on the web

2. It stops dangerous software from being installed in your computer

3. It identifies and rejects websites that are infected with malware

4. It keeps your data from being lost

5. It manages your computer to run smoothly

6. Creates a safety shield when you are online

New Features and Benefits

If you want more security than a plain antivirus software, Vipre comes with Social Watch, a new feature that scans links while you’re on Facebook and prevents you from clicking them if they look suspicious for malware.

Another good feature with the same capabilities is called Search Guard. This one keeps you away from clicking suspicious links while you’re using the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Auto Patch updates your programs on your computer automatically. When your programs are up to date, it is more difficult to get infected and controlled remotely!

More Online Storage Benefits

Get 15 Day Free Trial with Carbonite Cloud Backup when you purchase Vipre Internet Security. How Carbonite will help? Carbonite Backup and Restore is an online storage service that keeps your files safe in the cloud.

The best way in our days to keep your data safe is to use a second hard disk drive, an external USB drive or flash USB that gives you plenty of space to save your photos, videos, work documents or any other important file you don’t want to lose.

Even if this way feels safe, it is still not guaranteed that the USB drive won’t be damaged or it won’t stop working unexpectedly!

That’s were Cloud Backup services like Carbonite gives you another option to save your data in the cloud and access them from any location, any time you want from any computer you want (by always providing your account information, user name and password).

Read more about Carbonite here.