How to Use Online Meetings and Video Conferencing as Sales Tools

Video conferencing, video calling and the online meetings that are possible as a result of both of these technologies have numerous benefits that they can give to your company:

From reducing business meeting travel costs to outsourcing even more of your work needs with telecommuting contractors instead of in-house employees, video conferencing can be a tool for enormous savings in both financial and time use terms.

However, another and less known quality of video conferencing technology is its ability to work for you as a powerful and highly useful sales tool. It only makes sense. Selling is largely about creating a relationship with your clients and video calling technology helps you do just that by facilitating more personalized contact between yourself and other people in a way no other electronic communication technology can.

Let’s examine just how you can take the best possible advantage of this newly evolving innovation in digital communications to really sell to clients, potential business partners and customers.

Set Up your Conferencing Platform

We’re going to assume you’ve already got an established online presence with a website, social media accounts and an established advertising platform also in place. If these things are already up and running, then setting up your actual conferencing system is a lot easier since you simply need to integrate it with everything else.

Your options are varied and they can range from the very cheap to the more expensive. At the most basic, budget conscious level, you can use a free software download platform like Skype or Tango Video calling by installing either one onto your business computers and other electronic devices such as smart phones and tablets. Having these in place, you can then advertise your calling name on your various websites and other platforms and also give times at which your contacts can call you after they have added you over their own versions of the same systems.

Another, more expensive option is to go with a website based platform such as GoToMeeting, which has a very easy to use interface that lets you set up a business account, set up meetings and presentations and then simply invite anyone you like to join them through email, phone or instant messaging communications.  Similar options are also available from Cisco in the form of its Webex service and InterCall, for those looking for something still more sophisticated.

Additional benefits of GoToMeeting and other site based platforms like Cisco Webex is that they don’t require any serious hardware setup on your part and are technically administered by their own professional technicians. Also, these services, due to their far better bandwidth transmission, provide you with video and audio quality that’s much clearer than what you’ll get though Skype or Tango.

Finally, if you really want to spend thousands of dollars on true telepresence systems worthy of a high level professional operation, you should consider delving into hardware based solutions that you physically install in your office and which customers can log into remotely from a website in order to communicate with you. Something like this requires its own specialized series of steps and it will cost you quite a bit to arrange.

Advertise your Video Conferencing Options

Once you’ve set up your video conferencing platforms –whichever type you chose–  you now need to make sure your potential leads and customers know about them.

This is essentially the first step in the process of using video conferencing to generate sales; by announcing to the world of your business niche that you’re equipped to deal with them, meet with them and field their questions through highly interactive video presentation tools, you’re showing your target market and potential partners that you are really serious about top notch customer service and satisfaction. That alone is a major selling point that will decide many buyers on the matter of choosing between your company and the competitors.

That said, in addition to announcing your clients’ video contact options for getting in touch with you, also present a clear argument for why and how they can really benefit from being able to do this with you. Showcase your ability to give powerful and informative sales presentations, advertise how well you can take clients through the services you offer and make a general point of clearly underscoring your client friendly accessibility through dynamic video solutions.

In any case, to take advantage of this major psychological advantage, you need to publicize it heavily. Make sure that all of your online platforms –be they your own websites, your social media pages and your online advertisements—announce your video calling capacity, a way by which your clients can contact you and a way through which they or you can set up one on one or multi-party meetings.

Depending on the video calling platform you’ve decided to work through, the way in which you set up meetings will vary.

Use your Video Conferencing Infrastructure to the Max

So you’ve set up your video calling system, advertised its existence to clients and made a big point of showcasing just how helpful it will be to them if they choose to work with you. Now, what you need to do is make sure that you live up to these arrangements and promises by actually using your video calling tools to the max.

Take advantage of your video calling capacities by using video sales calls as interactive online data demos (services like GoToMeeting and Webex make this option very easy to provide).

Learn to filter and qualify your roster of potential sales leads by taking them through online presentations or Q&A sessions that work to make sure both parties are satisfied with each other.

Review, set up and negotiate sales and service deals online without the associated travel costs and hassles of in-person meetings.


Finally, use your video calling platform to maintain the highest possible customer service to established clients by keeping them regularly informed and up to date with any new information you’d like to share, sharing important product or service related documents and information with them and holding interactive customer service work over video wherever it applies.

Doing all of these things and expanding on them will create its own positive sales growth benefits. Why? Because by creating so many interactive options for clients, you’ll be giving them more reasons to remain loyal customers that keep buying from you and possibly even recommend your services to others who they know. This sort of brand loyalty is the best sales tool of all.

About the Author: Matthew Ellis is scouting sales jobs for Acquirent, a company that recruit, train and manage their clients’ sales team. For more than 10 years he has researched and written articles for the technology industry. His hobby is mostly playing on his vintage Gibson Les Paul Custom.