VeriSign on Your Website Boosts Customer Confidence

VeriSign on Your Website Boosts Customer Confidence

VeriSign on Your Website Boosts Customer ConfidenceWe’ve all seen the VeriSign graphic as we’ve journeyed around the Internet but how many consumers know what it means? Still, how many of those same consumers respect a site more when they see that symbol?

That VeriSign symbol actually does mean something, however. When you see that seal, it means a site’s identity has been verified by VeriSign. Sites also must go through VeriSign’s malware scan before receiving that seal, which tells you, the customer, that a site is safe to visit. Businesses and website designers may still wonder if the subscription is worth the price. Read on for details to help you better make that decision.

What is VeriSign?

VeriSign is a method of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), an encryption tool used by websites to keep data secure. In the early days of the web, many consumers learned to look for a lock in the bottom corner of the screen before entering credit card numbers. Eventually, those same consumers were trained to look for an “s” at the end of “http” in the web address (https).

But today’s savvy consumers go a step further and look for that familiar VeriSign logo, which appears on most major online shopping sites. This gives online shoppers the security of knowing personal data will be kept safe, especially important when those same shoppers are required to enter credit card data and personal address information.

Why VeriSign?

While VeriSign is the only SSL provider, it is certainly one of the names consumers have come to trust. In fact, consumers have grown so accustomed to seeing the VeriSign logo, it adds an element of credibility to a website. Sites like PayPal and feature the logo on their main pages, while many others (eBay,, Travelocity, and more) use

VeriSign SSL certificates.

VeriSign is owned by Symantec, trusted provider of antivirus solutions for both residential and business computer users. When they see that logo, your customers will know their data is protected. Plus, with Seal-in-Search, customers who have the plug-in will see the logo whenever your business shows up in search results. While Seal-in-Search isn’t available for everyone, VeriSign is working with third-party software providers to increase the prevalence of Seal-in-Search, which will draw more customers to your site. Currently this service is being used by tens of millions of users through AVG.

Malware Protection

Your membership includes a daily scan of your site to check for signs of malware. If malware is ever detected, you will receive a notification with detailed information about the code causing the problem. You can then have the issue repaired and set your site to be scanned again in twenty-four hours.

Having daily malware scans not only keeps your customers safe, it prevents your site from being blocked by search engines. To keep its visitors safe, many search engines now block sites when malware is found, costing you customers. By having VeriSign scan your site every day, you’ll remain safe.

Having the VeriSign symbol on your site lets your visitors know that your site is scanned daily and found to be safe from malware. If malware is found, the logo will not be displayed on your site until the problems are fixed. The VeriSign logo is a notification to visitors that your site is safe.

Custom Made for Smaller Businesses

If you own a small or mid-sized business, you may not have the purchasing power of a larger company. VeriSign has provided a way for smaller businesses to get the same protection larger businesses enjoy.

Studies show that 86% of customers feel more confident entering information when trust signs are displayed. If you find many of your customers are abandoning their shopping carts during checkout, our lack of a trust logo may be to blame. With plans starting at just $19 per month, your business can proudly display its logo at every stage of the checkout process, keeping your customers around until the final confirmation that an order has been placed.

Easy Sign-up and Installation

Once you’ve completed your purchase, installing the VeriSign logo is remarkably easy. First VeriSign will scan your website and verify your identity. You’ll then be directed to accept VeriSign’s terms, after which the script for the logo will be provided to you.

The decision at that point will be where to put your logo. Checkout is obviously among the most important places, with VeriSign recommending placement at every stage of checkout to avoid cart abandonment. VeriSign also recommends placing its logo on your homepage, giving visitors comfort as the begin getting acquainted with your website.

In addition to checkout, the logo should be placed next to any form that gathers personal information. Even address and phone number data entry pages should have the accompanying logo, giving customers comfort that the data they are inputting is safe.


If you own a business website, you need to let your customers know your site is safe. VeriSign gives you the ability to provide that security at a low price, increasing traffic and maximizing checkout completion.