Ubuntu Presents The New Netbook Version With New Features And New Amazing Interface!

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu, an ancient African word with multiple meanings, brings the spirit of ‘humanity to others’ and ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’ to the world of technology. With its free, open source Linux software, Ubuntu asserts that it will always be free to use, share and develop. It is accessible to anyone and is currently fully translated into 25 languages, with more on the way.

Open Source Software

Open source software is completely free of any fees or royalties. The software source code is also free for download so that it may be modified and customized. Modified versions are then offered freely as well. By offering the source code freely, programs evolve creatively and technologically much faster than if they were limited by licensure.

Ubuntu Netbook’s Incredible Features

Ubuntu has taken its simple, streamlined desktop look to the netbook. This interface has been designed to complement the smaller netbook screen with easy, intuitive access to your applications. The Me Menu connects you with the most popular social media outlets, Facebook and Twitter, right from the desktop in a single window. The Ubuntu operating system is designed to load the browser in seconds, allowing users to achieve faster access to the Internet and online content.

Included Software

Ubuntu Netbook includes Empathy IM and Evolution Mail, but also supports Skype and Thunderbird. Evolution Mail allows integration with Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, Jabber, AOL, and QQ accounts. For photo editing and sharing, Shotwell, Flickr, and GIMP are included. The Pitivi video editor and Movie Player support viewing of personal videos as well as watching streaming content from YouTube, iPlayer, and MSN Player.

Don’t Miss the Software Centre

The Ubuntu Software Centre contains literally thousands of free applications to use with Ubuntu Netbook. In order to meet the needs of all of their users, Ubuntu now also offers some fee-based apps. Games, tools, education, graphics, and more categories are full of apps for download.

Multimedia Options

What would an operating system be without multimedia? Ubuntu offers a music player with an integrated store for easily purchasing and downloading music. The coolest feature is the file-sync. This allows users to stream music to an Android-powered device or an iPhone. Ubuntu includes its One Music Store and Rhythmbox music player, and supports iPhone and Android.

Ubuntu One

Cloud computing is becoming a necessity. Ubuntu One is a personal cloud for each user. In addition to syncing files, it allows access to bookmarks, notes, contacts, and more from any computer. The included free plan offers 2GB of space. Need more space? Reasonably priced plans for Mobile access and increased storage space are available.

‘I am what I am because of who we all are’

Ubuntu lives up to its motto with this welcome addition to simplified, open source, netbook computing.