File Transporter Review: A New Secure Way to Backup Files and Folders


The surge in technology has opened several new venues for us. Thanks to the services like the internet, the world has turned into a global village. Things are actually changing at a rapid pace with geniuses in the IT industry working hard day-in and day-out to provide people with the best possible solutions.

Hours of hard work has given birth to a new solution called the Transporter. It is an online, but off-cloud storage solution where you can easily store your data. The service not only provides you with space to keep your data, but it also allows you to easily share and access it while keeping everything protected.

The solution has been designed keeping the growing needs of people in mind. Today, companies need to be connected at all times. MNCs are flourishing everywhere. They need to have a strong chain of work while maintaining a continuous flow of data. It is only possible when they have a solution that provides quick answers to all their problems and allows them to easily share the files they wish to.

The Transporter seems to be the answer to all their questions. The device is very aptly named, as it quickly transports all your information from one place to wherever you want to send it, while meeting all standards.

The Problem

Companies cannot afford such a thing to happen. They not only run the risk of losing their identity in the cloud (digital identity), but also losing their goodwill. There have been times when big giant corporations ended up in hot water (the Twitter scandal where its financial documents were hacked and made public is still fresh) due to this problem.

These days, most people use cloud services to store their data on the internet. The cloud is a revolutionary invention that allows people to share information; however, there are some underlying concerns too. One of the biggest problems with cloud services is the fact that they are not much secure. There is always the risk of an unauthorized entity entering the cloud and accessing the information.

The Solution

Individuals and companies have been yearning for a solution that provides the quickness and comfort of cloud service without any security threat. The Transporter – fortunately – provides that and much more.

The Transporter is actually designed keeping people’s changing social lifestyle in mind. It is the solution of today, keeping the future in mind. It lets you collaborate, backup and share your data with other transporters around the world. The device gives the rein in your hands and you decide to control everything. You can give or deny access to other users and make the call on who can share, view or edit the data.


Some key features of a Transporter are:

–  No Limits

A Transporter has no restriction on any file format or size. You can upload whatever you want without having to worry about reaching the brim.

–  Better Protection

One of the main features of a Transporter is the protection it offers. Your data will be kept secure from intruders thanks to high quality management. Additionally, all the changes are saved just as you make them, so that you always have the most updated information.

–  Anywhere, Everywhere

When you use a Transporter, you literally feel like the world is in your hands. All you need is a compatible device with an internet connection to access your files, no matter where you are. Additionally, you can store files in your computer if you wish to access them in offline mood.

–  Simple and Easy

Transporter is very easy to comprehend. The layout is simple with an easy to understand interface. Everything from uploading to sharing is as simple as possible.

How it Works

Given below are some important points.

–          Connecting: Connect the transporter to a wireless router or switch, plug in the power and wait for the status light to turn blue. Once it is blue, you are ready to use the device.

–          Accounts: Create a free account and easily manage your files. Invitations are also sent using the account you create.

–          Control: You can change setting of every file or folder to decide whom to give access and to what extent.

The Transporter is easily the best thing to have happened in the last few years. The device passed its beta test and is ready to take the world by storm.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can buy all 3 Transporter Backup Versions on

Connected Data Transporter Social Storage Drive (CTR1D99US1R)

Connected Data 1TB Transporter Social Storage Drive (CTR1D12US1R)

Connected Data 2TB Transporter Social Storage Drive (CTR1D14US1R)

Which Version Should I Choose?

It depends on how many files you want to store / backup. If you have large files such as music, videos, photos you should buy the 2TB version. If you need it for documents and simple presentations you won’t need big storage capacity.

Where Can I Read More about Transporter?

Read more about Transporter Backup on their official website or read this informative PDF file here.