How To Transfer Large Files Between Computers Over The Internet

Here are the Top Four Applications to help you sync files between two or more computers through an internet connection:

1. Hightail

Get Hightail for free

2. Sugarsync

Download Sugarsync here

3. Carbonite

Carbonite is the easiest way to share large files

4. Acronis True Image 2014

Sync large data with Acronis over the internet

Tips & Tricks

If you want to sync text, just create a new document through MS Word or Wordpad on a new folder, save it and upload it with any of the above online storage applications. Open the file on the other PC or MAC and simply copy & paste your text / document.

If you want to change or add text to the existing doc file, save the file after your changes, close the document on the second computer and open it again. The new text will be showing on your screen. You can make changes from any device.

The easiest way to share large files, for example videos, music projects, etc. you will need a high speed internet connection (5+Mbps) and a reliable application such as the above that will ensure that your data will be synced fast and encrypted through AES.

Always use an external hard disk drive for a second backup option.

Protect your data by using applications to encrypt important files and documents. Some good ones are Kruptos 2 Professional or TrueCrypt.