3 Top Software Choices to Run Windows on Mac

3 top apps to run windows on macDid you buy a new Mac computer that the operating system looks completely different than Windows on your old PC?

Sometimes it’s frustrating when you have to learn a new way to operate your new computer and especially if it’s a Mac!

I am not saying that it is something completely different or very difficult to figure out, but there are differences you will need to find out, visit Apple’s support, watch How-To videos, read forums, etc.

If you want to make your life easier finding your documents and apps from your Windows PC, working either from home or your office, you can choose from the following three top software choices:

1. VMWare Fusion 6

This software is the most popular online. It allows you to run Windows apps at the same time side by side with your Mac apps! A new feature also, gives you the option to transfer files and run applications from your Mac desktop.

Give it a try. The official website offers a free trial.

2. Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac

Another good choice you have is Parallels Desktop 9. The application does what its name says. It runs Windows “parallel” with your Mac OS without any rebooting or switching between operating systems.

Find out more information on this website here.

3. GoToMyPC

This remote desktop application doesn’t provide the feature of running both OS side-by-side, but gives you the ability to connect with your old or any PC that runs Windows by connecting it through GoToMyPC.com server.

This way you can see virtually your Windows desktop, opened in a window on your Mac. You can manage every file or installed software, like if you were sitting in front of it from anyplace in the world that has a fast internet connection!

Read more about remote desktop software on this page.

The best solution to any problem you may face is your own personal experience. Pick one of these top software and let us know if they really helped you personally or your business. We will be glad to know you found them useful!