Top Reasons to Use Go to My PC Remote PC Access Software

Top Reasons to Use Go to My PC Remote PC Access Software

‘I wish I could be in three places at the same time’. This was my friend wishing out loud. He is a successful entrepreneur who runs 3 different businesses all at the same time. But none of the three businesses are related to each other in any way. This makes my friend have to stretch his time and energy in handling all of them smoothly. But doing this on a day to day basis often wears him out and that is what made him wish he could be in three places at the same time.

Major Dilemma- Waste of Time

Well, what instead of suggesting that he learn magic, I suggested that he get introduced to remote PC access software. The main issue with my friend was that he had stored all his business related software, invoices and other business related documents on the computers that were in turn placed in the respective offices.
The most bothersome issue for him was lack of time. Considering that all 3 of his offices were scattered to 3 different corners of the city, he spent a lot of time in commuting from home to each of his offices. The situation was so bad that most of the days he got stuck in traffic and had to cancel the visit to at least one of his offices on such days.

Remote PC Access Software

When I suggested about using a software that would help him fetch all the information stored on the 3 computers to his desktop, he was skeptical at first and exhilarated later on. When I mentioned that he could utilize his time and energy in a better way by using this software, he was so relieved. I wish I had remembered to click a snap of him grinning and beaming with a smile so broad that it practically covered his face.

Go to My PC Remote Desktop Access Software

This software works for both small business owners and the big boys as well. It can be personalized to accommodate 10 or 1000 users at a time. Go to my PC makes it easy, safe and efficient to view files stored on different computers and also allows more than authorized user to access the info. This setting makes it the best choice for small and big business owners who can even authorize their trusted staff members or assistants to use this facility and that helps better communication even when they are not physically present together.

Plus Points of Go to My PC Remote Access Software

Setting this up on your home or office computer does not take up time. It can be all set up sooner than you could imagine. The setting and workings of this software are so simple that you need not go through the headache of training your staff or yourself to handle it efficiently.
In case you were thinking that you would have to place an extra burden on your IT staff, then you were wrong. You can adapt the software to be accessed via your laptop or your mobile phone, making it all the more convenient and usable even when you are on the go.

You Decide Whom to Authorize

Users that get access to the software can be decided and authorized by you. You can even add or remove any amount of users as you please. If you are worried about sensitive data, you also have the option of being selective as to what amount or nature of stored files are accessible to other authorized users. You can even block file transfer for other users and just allow them to view certain files stored on your office PC as you wish.

Totally Secure Transactions

The security features are simply awesome because it handles firewall compatibility, session time out, password protected sessions etc quite smoothly. All the files transferred or viewed are secure because the website uses 128-bit- AES encryption.
Overall benefits are huge savings in time that was previously spent in commute and assembling all the members at one place. And we all know that time saved is money saved.


Owing to the huge benefits in overhead costs and savings in time that results from using Go to my PC software for remote viewing, many big companies have even begun to compensate their staff for signing up to using this service. If you want to use it for accessing your office PC, you could even ask your company to reimburse you. But if you are planning on using it to handle your own business, then you could choose between the economical plans available for small businesses or individual users. Whatever the plan you choose, one thing is for sure. You will plan on taking a much delayed vacation soon, because this software gives you the freedom to stay in touch with your office no matter where you are (hopefully not in a cave without internet)!

Where Can I Buy GoToMyPC  for Personal or Business use?

You can buy GoToMyPC on Citrix’s official website. At the moment they offer a Free Trial where you can download and use the software for about 30 Days without paying a penny!

You can also get a special $10 OFF discount of the actual price. To get the Free Trial and our special offer, please click on the link to Download GoToMyPC for free.

Where Can I Read More Reviews about GoToMyPC?

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