Top Rated Kindle Fire Games by Amazon’s Customers Part 2

download grid detective

download jigsaw words1. Jigsaw Words

Jigsaw Words is a free word-style puzzle game. In this game, players have to group letters into words based on the clues provided. At the beginning of the game, a player has 10 clues and must solve them all. You can choose which puzzle to play by selecting from categories, such as Do Your Homework and A Surplus of Sports. The game interface is clean and functional, the puzzles are fun, and it is not made to be too difficult. The only real issue is that there is a limited number of puzzles, but that is to be expected with a price of free.

Download Jigsaw Words

download grid detective2. Grid Detective

Grid Detective is another free puzzle game for the Kindle. It has 30 different puzzles with different levels of difficult. This game puts your deduction ability to the test. You are expected to complete the objectives in each case file to solve the puzzle. You can accomplish this by examining the information, deducing the six clues, and determine the true outcome accordingly. The game is very fun and a great way to test the brain, but with only 30 different puzzles it can definitely be a short-lived playing experience.

Download Grid Detective

download jigsaw words vol 23. Jigsaw Words Vol 2

Jigsaw Words Vol 2 is the follow up to the original Jigsaw Words mentioned earlier. This version is also free, which makes up for the possible concern of not enough game play. You can simply move on to the second volume of the game when the first one is done. This one offers 100 different puzzles with 10 clues that must be solved for each. The puzzle categories get even more fun, with options such as College 101 and People In Your Neighborhood. You are very likely to be satisfied with this game and there are no real complaints to mention.

Download Jigsaw Words Vol 2

download every word crossings4. Every Word: Crossings

Every Words: Crossing is a unique game as it combines the puzzle solving skills of a crossword game with an unscrambling game. Basically, you have to unscramble letters to form a word that can fit into the crossword-style puzzle board. As words are found, they are posted to the board. You will receive clues to help you progress if needed as well. This app has many levels of difficulty but it’s always challenging and really puts your mind to work. The only real issue is that if you cannot figure out a word, then you will not be able to proceed to the next level.

Download Every Word: Crossings

download heroes rise5. Heroes Rise

Heroes Rise is an interactive novel that allows the player to step into the shoes of the primary role. The decisions that you make throughout the novel will affect how the story plays out. You could be a law abiding citizen or fight against the law. You have many different options where your character can develop and you can see how it makes the story progress. It is a fun app to play once as you get to build the character and play it out as a superhero, but it is still not possible to avoid the major story angles such as romance and conflict. The resolutions remain the same, which makes the interactive feature a little less noteworthy.

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download choice of broadsides6. Choice of Broadsides

Choice of Broadsides is a text-based adventure game. It calls for a lot of strategy and decision-making on your part as your choices will affect your results. You are in the shoes of a naval officer and you are constantly faced with options that will change your adventure as you know it. This game is incredibly fun and the adventure draws players in, but some find that the game play does not last long enough. In fact, it could easily be finished in under an hour.

Download Choice of Broadsides