Top Rated Kindle Fire Games by Amazon’s Customers Part 1

Download Mystery Castle: Winter’s Night

1. Mystery Castle: Winter’s Night

Mystery Castle: Winter’s Night is widely viewed as one of the best Kindle games to date. This is the follow-up to the Mystery Castle: Dawn of Illusion. It features the return of Monty and his journey to save the winter holidays. This application faces the player with 32 different puzzle stages and different adventures. Throughout this journey, you must find different items, gather information, and defeat the demon that is holding the holidays hostage. It is a great entertaining – engaging adventure that will keep you up for hours to solve the mystery of the castle!

Download Mystery Castle: Winter’s Night

Download Triple Town2. Triple Town

Triple Town is a puzzle strategy game for the Kindle. In this game, players are expected to create the best city they can. This is evaluated based on the points that you score, which is directly correlated with the size of your city. This is done very simply, such as by matching up three bush pieces to create a tree and ultimately filling the board with a house, castle, etc. There are some other puzzles and challenges that will show up throughout the game as well. It is fun, challenging, and mind engaging, but it is not the best choice if you want something that you can just jump into and get anything out of it with just a few minutes of play.

Download Triple Town

Download NY Times Crosswords Vol 23. NY Times Crosswords Vol.2

NY Times Crosswords Vol.2 is the second volume of the NY Times Crosswords puzzle game designed for Kindle devices. The application features 90 different crossword puzzles that were taken from the NY Times newspaper and slightly modified. There is the standard playing mode and the option of receiving clues through the means of revealing a single letter or the whole word if you get stumped. This is also effective for when you want to check all your answers to make sure that they are correct. It is fun, providing challenging puzzles, and is a must-have for any Kindle-owning crossword fanatic.

Download NY Times Crosswords Vol 2

Download Checkers4. Checkers

Checkers is a board game for the Kindle that features the typical gaming style of Checkers. This is a classic one but the app brings it back with many different features. You can choose from difficulty levels of 1 through 10, play against a friend, set custom rules such as forced jumping or relaxed game play, and even go into tournament mode. This is definitely one of the best apps to date for the Checkers board game, but it is missing a few features such as forced multi-jumps and backwards jumping.

Download Checkers

Download Sudoku Words5. Sudoku Words

Sudoku Words is a word puzzle game of the Sudoku style. This application features over 50 million different puzzles. You are able to choose from puzzle grid sizes of between 4×4 and 9×9. You can also choose from difficulty levels of 1 to 5. This allows for players with any level of Sudoku experience to be able to enjoy the game for a long time. Sudoku also offers a daily featured puzzle that all players are provided with, and you can use the game timer to track your results. Sudoku Words is highly reviewed and considered to be the best Sudoku game for the Kindle, however it does keep to the standard style of Sudoku.

Download Sudoku Words

Download Maze a Thon6. Maze A Thon

Maze A Thon is a puzzle game for the Kindle. It features an unlimited amount of maze puzzles that engage the mind but do not create too much of a challenge. These puzzles fall under their game modes of either Cubetastic, Wrap Around, or Classic. The first mentioned mode is especially noteworthy as it features a six sided maze that you must go through. Maze A Thon is a great way to waste a little bit of time while engaging the mind, but many do not find that it is nearly challenging enough.

Download Maze A Thon