Top Five Reasons to Buy an iPad for Blogging

Access your Mac from iPad


Blogging has become both an entertaining and potentially profitable way to share your opinions on virtually anything in the world. With millions of people blogging every day, and even more reading them, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start your own. If you’re looking for the best tool to type and maintain your own blog, then look no further than the iPad.


#1. A Portable Workstation

Purchase the iPad, a convertible case, a wireless keyboard with a mouse and you have a portable work station that rivals most modern computers. The iPad features flawless Bluetooth performance which makes connecting the keyboard and mouse a cinch. I have spent my afternoon working on the Apple’s incredible tablet device happily and experience not much difference in performance or comfort from my home laptop and the iPad.

#2. Remote PC Access

Faster wireless speeds and remote PC capabilities makes it easy to access your Mac from iPad (or your PC as well) anywhere. Remote PC access software allows you to easily view and use your home PC on your iPad, while it features a brilliant screen that loses virtually none of the resolution. Ten years ago, getting access to your Mac from a tablet was something for science fiction movies, but now it can be done easily.

There are plenty of choices for remote access software, but I have found luck with GoToMyPC for iPad. Since Go To My PC remote application also connects over 3G, I can use my iPhone as a wireless hotspot and still get to my PC. That means any blogging software suite you decide to use can be reached right on your iPad, anytime and anywhere. The features of GoToMyPC software application have come in handy more than once.

#3. Easy Access to Cloud Storage

I remember the old days when I used to back up my computer to hard drives or, gulp, even blank CDs. Cloud storage has made almost all forms of optical and even physical storage obsolete. No matter what happens to your PC or tablet, your information is always safe. Since the iPad features decent storage capabilities, it makes it easy to transfer sizable files.

For those that like to blog everywhere and want access to media or document files instantly, cloud storage is ideal. I use Mozy for iPad. The price is reasonable, and Mozy Home backup service has its own app for easy use. It automatically updates any changes to documents, so you don’t have to constantly cut and paste. Be careful when looking for online storage, since some companies come and go, taking your data with them. Mozy for iPad has staying power.

#4. Blogging Apps

Most major blogging companies have apps that allow you instant and easy access to your blogging site so you can add and edit posts or comments whenever you want. Almost anything you can do on your Mac or PC you can do with these blogging apps. Combine it with your cloud storage and you can put in large photos or videos right on your iPad.

#5. Easy to Maintain Your Blog Anywhere

If you want to have a blog that ranks high in searches and gets loads of viewings, then you have to constantly update. Almost all search engines discount blogs that haven’t been updated within the last few days. If you really want to take the blogging world by storm, then you need to add and maintain your blog each day. On vacations or day trips, that might be hard, but not with an iPad.

Gentlemen, Start Your Blogging

If you can’t afford the new updated version, you can get an older model, refurbished or used one for a good price. I have used mine for at least three or four hours a day for the last year without a single hitch or burp. It’s a beautiful device. For those that are serious about blogging and want to access their blogging resources in any location, the iPad makes the best choice.

For portable performance, accessibility and reliability, isn’t the price tag of an iPad worth it?