TOP 6 Paid Amazon Downloadable Games for Kindle Fire

kindle fire games

download word search1. Word Search

Word Search is designed for Kindle and allows players to play a word search game. This great application provides players with 50 different themes of 13×13 word search puzzles. The words are included in the puzzle in any possible direction, even backwards. There are self-paced and beat-the-clock modes, as well as the ability to reset the puzzle at any time if needed. When you are stumped, you can also give up on a puzzle and it will show you the solutions. The game is challenging, and highly enjoyable, but there are no other grid size options and the amount of puzzles is not substantial for a paid app.

Download Word Search

download bingo2. Bingo

Bingo is a simple bingo game for the Kindle. Obviously, in this game the goal is to be the first one to complete the bingo card with the required pattern. You can play with either one card or two bingo cards at the same time. There are varying difficulty levels of game play. The application features 25 different patterns, 10 different opponents, and bonuses rounds that occur periodically. It is fun and offers the game play experience that you would expect. However, some are not satisfied with the variety of patterns that are featured in the game and adjusting the level of difficulty in bingo seems a little illogical.

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download ultimate bible quiz3. Ultimate Bible Quiz

The Ultimate Bible Quiz app is a game that tests you on your knowledge of the bible. It features 1,000 different bible-related questions. This is a great way for you to test your knowledge and learn a few things that you may not have known. Not only is it great for those that know the bible already, but for individuals that are currently studying it as well. The major issue with this app is that some people view certain answers as wrong, though it is generally a controversial subject and much could be brought up for debate. In the end, it’s just for fun anyway.

Download Ultimate Bible Quiz

download fling it4. Fling It

Fling It is a puzzle game for the Kindle. In this game, the player must get rid of balls on the board and leave just one in place. This is done through flinging the balls in any direction. The requirement is that you must fling the ball in the direction of another ball. There are many minor restrictions to the flings that you may make, such as proximity of the targeted ball, walls, one-way signs, and so on. This app really engages the mind and is not too challenging, but the graphics are nothing to write home about.

Download Fling It

download bubble shooter5. Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a bubble shooting game. This style is very popular and this particular application is viewed as one of the most enjoyable options. The basis of the game is that you have a board full of bubbles that must be removed. You are positioned with a bubble shooter at the bottom of the board and you are expected to shoot all the bubbles before they reach the bottom. This seems easy, but with a new line appearing every third shot it can definitely become challenging in a hurry. It is a great game with very enjoyable game play, but some people have experienced lag and screen freezing which can absolutely ruin the gaming experience.

Download Bubble Shooter

download word quest6. Word Quest

Word Quest is a word search game for the Kindle. It features a large grid of letters with certain strings containing words, just like with any word search puzzle. The grid may be anywhere from 12×12 to 16×16. The words in the puzzle are factored by category, such as Olympic Sports and Zoo Animals. There are 50 different categories, and the algorithm makes it so that the game will not be played through very easily. This kindle app is very fun and has a great interface, there is not really anything negative to say about it.

Download Word Quest