TOP 6 Back to School Kindle Applications

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Download Calendar app1. Calendar

Calendar is featured as the Editor’s Pick for the best Kindle app of 2011. This application displays upcoming and current events, to-do-lists, and other notes. This information may be viewed on a daily, weekly, or monthly level. You can create one-time and recurring events, set up daily to-do lists, create reminders that display upon starting up the app, and factor in U.S. holidays (optional). For optimal time organization, the Calendar application for Kindle devices will definitely help you keep track of your responsibilities, course dates, exam dates, and much more.

Download Calendar app

Download Calculator Plus app2. Calculator Plus

Calculator Plus is a calculator application with advanced functions. It features the basic calculating modes in a typical calculator, along with various functions of a scientific calculator. Some other features also include the date calculation mode and equation solving option. The Calculator Plus app provides you with a quick and easy-to-use calculator mode for daily calculations. You can also perform expanded equations and solve them through the use of this app, making it highly useful for any student.

Download Calculator Plus app

Download Ultimate Math Skills Quiz app3. Ultimate Math Skills Quiz

The Ultimate Math Skills Quiz application is designed for students that want to test their math skills. This is not only effective for figuring out where you are at, but also to help improve your calculation and problem solving ability as well. This app features quizzes with questions on geometry, Algebra, charts, decimals and percentages, multiplication and division, and much more. There are game play modes that feature either round play or continuous questioning, which makes the app a bit more enjoyable.

Download Ultimate Math Skills Quiz app

Download Notepad app4. Notepad

The Notepad application is incredibly basic, yet still very functional and beneficial for any student. It is simply an app that serves as a notepad, which allows you to create notes and edit them if necessary. These may be study notes, event reminders, grocery lists, or whatever else you may want to jot down for later viewing. The Notepad app allows you to create notes with multiple font types and sizes. You can also organize the created notes by date or alphabetically. Additionally functions such as the ability to copy and paste text make this application highly useful and beneficial for all students.

Download Notepad app

Download Ultimate Algebra Quiz app5. Ultimate Algebra Quiz

The Ultimate Algebra Quiz application is simply an app that provides students with Algebra quizzes. This is very helpful as it will allow students to test their Algebra skills and see where they may need improvement. This app features 1,000 different Algebra problems so it will take a while before you run out of new questions to answer. There are varying levels of question difficulty and options of game play modes to make the app more enjoyable as well, such as the timed quiz mode.

Download Ultimate Algebra Quiz app

Download 24-7 Spanish - Basic Phrases app6. 24-7 Spanish – Basic Phrases

24-7 Spanish – Basic Phrases is an application that features an automated tutoring system for students that are looking to learn the Spanish language. This app provides you with many tools to help improve your Spanish skills. Some examples of these tools include a hangman game, flashcards, and a written quiz. The app features Spanish content such as greetings, questions, expressions, feelings, and various other common phrases. It is highly interactive and definitely one of the best options to help with learning the Spanish language without spending a lot of money.

Download 24-7 Spanish – Basic Phrases app