Top 5 Raxco Software Programs To Boost Your PC Performance

Tips to make your pc run faster

Top 5 Raxco Software Programs

Top tips to make your pc run faster

I almost threw my VAIO laptop away the other day. Well, it did not matter that I had paid $ 1500 for my shiny new laptop when I could not get anything done with it anyway.

Being an avid internet surfer who is online for most part of the day and night, I was going crazy with the gradual decline in my PC performance.

I began to notice that it took way longer to access the internet, to open files and to upload or download stuff. Attaching large photos or big files was almost a huge pain in the neck.

At first I did not seem to mind it that much, but over the last 6 months since I purchased my laptop I have noticed around 80 % decline in my laptop performance.

How I Got Introduced to Raxco Software?

I was discussing this issue with my cousin the other day when he suggested that there were several factors that could lead to a slowing down of computers and most of them were not even related to the computer at all.

Surfing the internet on a consistent basis could mar the performance of your computer because of so many issues like virus, malware, registry errors and so on. He suggested that I check out a great company named Raxco that excelled in creating software to deal with all sorts of PC performance issues.

Well, I was already desperate for a solution and wasted no time in checking out their website and I was so glad that I did! Raxco is certainly the master of PC performance boosting software. It has a wide and comprehensive range of software to deal with almost all sorts of problems. Here are the top 5 Raxco software programs to enhance PC performance:

1. Raxco Perfect Disk 12.5

Perfect Disk 12.5 comes in 2 versions: Home Premium & Professional. This software takes away the pain of prolonged defragmentation and allows complete hands off disk defrag and disk optimization.

It will help you browse the web faster and also help in faster photo and video editing. Those online videos that take forever to load due to streaming can also be fixed to load faster. The time taken by your laptop or computer to start up is reduced by about 20 % with this software. Home users can choose between single user or multiple users up to 10.

The Professional version has many additional features like S.M.A.R.T monitoring of physical drives, SSD optimization etc. This costs slightly more than the home premium version and can be used for single or multiple users (up to 10)

2. Raxco Perfect Registry

Invalid registry errors can reduce the performance of your PC considerably. Perfect Registry 2.0 can help you fix all those errors and improve system response time, making your PC faster. It wll take care of BSOD, system crashes and other such errors. It works well with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

3. Raxco Perfect Updater

When your drivers get outdated they are bound to give rise to errors and pathetic performance of your PC. Perfect Updater 2.0 will not only scan your system for outdated drivers but also provide you with a list. You can automatically back-up your current drivers before you download and install any new updates suggested for your outdated drivers. It costs just $ 29.99

4. Raxco Perfect Speed

Perfect Speed 2.0 helps you clean up your system of all unwanted clutter and damaging files. It also helps you clean your personal data or internet browsing history. You can get rid of duplicate files and all such space hogging unwanted stuff. It costs just $ 29.99

5. Raxco Perfect Guard

The newest Raxco real time antilogger program is PerfectGuard; an intelligent piece of software that guards your computer from the latest malware or other dangerous threats. Keep your  PC clean from strangers hijacking your webcam, monitoring your screen or keyboard and other clever ways that someone can use in order to steal your personal information.


I was glad that I was intimated about the Raxco Software by my cousin before I did anything over the top and disastrous to my wonderful new laptop. I have personally used all of these 5 Raxco softwares mentioned here and I am very glad to report that my laptop now works smoothly and without a single glitch.

Some of the Raxco products like Raxco Perfect Guard and Raxco Perfect Registry 2.0 can prove to be indispensable for every PC user.