Things to consider when buying a hard drive disk

As a photographer and small business owner, I always find that I’m running out of space to store all my images and data. Having too much stuff on my machine slows it down and makes it difficult to run things smoothly and easily. So, I’ve been researching the benefits of buying an extra hard drive disk. Here’s what I’ve found…

Hard drive disks help us to optimize our machines, so that they last longer and run faster. Hard disks with a large capacity are really helpful, as they support us to save our important data but also provide increased running speeds, so we can do things like run software (applications, games, OS) faster.

Here are the five most important things to consider when you are thinking of choosing a hard drive for your computer:

Choose a 2,5” (for laptop) or 3,5”(for desktop) disk with SATA2 or 3 protocol, which gives you speed up to 3Gb/s or 6Gb/s. This will be more than enough for you to do everything you need on your computer, and provides a great boost to your system. There’s nothing worse than having a slow or underperforming machine, so make sure you choose wisely to optimize performance.

The buffer on your hard drive must be more than 16-32MB cache, for optimum results and performance

For high quality-reliability-advance speed select an SSD (Solid State Drive). Although these are more expensive to buy, they are worth the investment because they are built to a higher quality, are more reliable and run at advanced speed in comparison with other types of hard drive.

Choose two identical hard drives for internal use. You can then use the RAID technology for better performance. Having your data backed up to two hard disks means that if one of them fails, you can simply transfer all of your data from the other one and nothing is lost.

For best results when you choose the right hard disk drive for your needs, I would suggest that you select a product that has a five-year warranty. The last thing you want to do is purchase a great gadget, only to find it’s gone wrong and you have no way of getting it fixed without spending more money. Check the warranty and guarantee details carefully before you make your final product selection.

Buy it, connect it, use it!

If you’re thinking of buying an external hard drive, then I would recommend that you choose one that has ‘plug and play’ compatibility. This means that there is very little setting up to be done, so you can simply connect it to your machine, and start to use it.

Another good tip is to buy hard drives with a USB connection, Firewire, LAN and e-sata ports, so you can use your new gadget fully without having to purchase any add-ons.

Whatever you choose for your new hard disk drive, the chances are it will be a good investment that provides increased processing speed and a safe place to store your data.