The Top 10 Cloud Computing Benefits for Bloggers

The Top 10 Cloud Computing Benefits for Bloggers

The Top 10 Cloud Computing Benefits for BloggersWhen you combine the most popular form of opinion dissemination (blogging) with the latest information technology (cloud computing), you end up with a method that removes the reliance of computing from physical power and turns it toward independent servers. That means your computer’s utility increases while the cost decreases. For those of us wanting to keep our blogging portable, cloud computing marks a new era.

And why is it such a big deal?

1. Remote PC Access

For me, remote PC access is among the best cloud computing benefits for bloggers. This allows me to reach my home PC from my tablet computer and do anything and everything in the comfort of Starbucks that I do at home. When I have large files I want to transfer, I first upload them to my cloud account, then can manipulate or access them from my tablet.

2. Cost of Hardware

Cloud computing brings down the cost of hardware. Upgrading your computer’s storage capacity or buying backup drives is a substantial coat, and I have had more than one of these drives break down on me. Since professional blogging is a business that makes money on nickels and dimes, any additional money helps.

3. Better Security

Security helps, especially when you are dealing with a public blog that thousands (or millions) see. Sensitive files and media stored on your computer are accessible by anyone with a little known-how, password or not. Cloud storage is more secure. Even if you lose your computer, tablet or storage drives, all those needed files stay safe and sound on a remote server.

4. Forget the Server

For large-scale blogs, storage usually requires personal servers and maintenance. With clouds, you no longer need that kind of hardware. That also means no rebuilding server infrastructure or wasting hours with new applications.

5. Fewer Glitches

Let’s be honest. Your computer and associated hardware crashes or expires more often than any web-based server. By running your blog from a cloud, you don’t have to worry about that hardware suddenly going kaput. Although it still requires some processing at home, the load on your computer is a fraction of some of the hefty media software when you depend on cloud computing.

6. Access for Multiple Bloggers

For those with a team of bloggers, having your storage available to all of them at anytime saves time with file transfer and uploading. Depending on the cloud software chosen, you can restrict and customize access, creating an efficient hierarchy on your blogging staff.

7. Completely Automatic and Organized

I don’t know about you, but I frequently forget where I put files on my computer. After storing thousands of audio files, pictures files, documents, videos and applications, I forget where I place everything, no matter how organized I become. Storing info in a cloud makes it easy to automatically organize and store files by the uploading or modification date.

8. Portability

Like some of you, I work better when I work in different places. I like to spend a couple hours at home, a couple hours at Starbucks and maybe three hours at the library, changing places for the sake of freshness. Using cloud computing makes it easy to stay portable, and I can even peak at my files on my iPhone or my wife’s Droid.

9. Low Starting Costs

This is a great benefit to those wanting to start a blogging business for the first time. With a minimal cost of a computer and a simple subscription to a cloud site, you can have all the power and storage of the big name companies, and put up less than a grand to do it.

10. Grows with You

As your blogging business starts to grow, so do your bills for storage, hardware and software. But not anymore. You may have to pay a slight increase in storage fees for a cloud service, but the increase is far less than what you’d pay for upgrading several computers or workstations. That means your business can get bigger, faster.

A Blogger’s Best Friend

With so many benefits, the use of cloud computing as the best remote access solution makes the life of the ordinary blogger easier. For a business that needs to be updated well and updated often, anything that aids in portability, cost and accessibility is worth the investment. Isn’t the key to surviving in blogging finding an edge over the competition?