Technology News Roundup

Technology News Roundup

Technology News RoundupBoth technology and time don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. The world of computers and tech are always changing, often moving forward with the users in mind. Below are a few notable news items revolving around the world of technology and new innovations there.

Google Creates ‘Artificial Brain’

With the advancements in technology becoming more and more impressive daily, we are bound to see what was previously unthinkable happening right before our eyes.

Google has ventured into what was quite recently the territory of the unthinkable: the building an artificial brain.

This intricate creation involves 16,000 processors with millions of connections. The team behind this creation fed the ‘brain’ with random images from millions of videos from YouTube to teach it.

The surprising thing is that it concentrated on cats, even though it had never previously been taught what a cat is, basically coming up with a concept of what a cat is on its own. The team behind this big step forward for technology sees this as a step toward facial detection and image recognition that will identify images that are not labeled or without faces.

The team claims that they have improved the accuracy of the detector from the previous tools to take the accuracy percentage to 15.8%. Engineers are now free to develop projects with the consumers’ needs in mind.

The amazing Ultrabook (XPS 14) from Dell

Not too far in the distant past, small laptops with little power and relatively unimpressive specs, called netbooks, seemed poised to become a must have for those that needed computing on the go. Times do change and so does technology, and now, UIltrabooks are the big thing in the computer world, as netbooks are becoming nearly extinct.

Dell recently announced that they are set to expand their XPS laptop line to give room to an amazing Ultrabook. This newest release has great features all aimed at the mobile market. The XPS 14 Ultrabook features an aluminum chassis that is incredibly thin, a 14-inch display that is amazingly bright, a well-lit keyboard, and optional performance graphics.

With a battery life of up to 10 hours even with continuous use, the XPS 14 is more than ready for almost anything. Users will also enjoy sufficient storage using the conventional hard drive with a capacity of 500GB, which is more than most other Ultrabooks) and an mSATA card (32GB). This is in addition to Smart Response Technology and Intel Rapid Start. These two elements work towards allowing users to access critical data easily and quickly.

The development of the XPS 14 Ultrabook had the computer users’ needs put into consideration in other ways too. Dell did its part in doing away with most toxins deemed as harmful to human beings; the device is energy-efficient with LED displays that are free from arsenic or mercury.

All in all, the XPS 14 Ultrabook is a combination of functionality and craftsmanship, designed to give consumers entertainment, performance, and ultimate mobility. It seems like it may have delivered.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Debut

With a promise of better performance and improved features, Google has revealed the new Android operating system. Google has a tendency of naming their OS after desserts and sweets, and this time they have selected “Jelly Bean” as the code name for their newest creation.

With the previous versions of the Android OS that is still currently in use, Google was successful in changing the tablet and mobile world, taking it by storm. This is a sign that the new Android 4.1 has a lot to offer, and analysts are expecting multiple amazing features. One such new feature is automatic upgrades over the air for several select devices.

Apple’s overhaul of iTunes to concentrate on iCloud

Nearly a decade ago, Apple launched iTunes, a digital music store that has gained massive popularity over the years. iTunes is now a household name.

Apple has now announced an overhaul of this store with an aim to increase the integration with their iCloud storage service which has completely replaced the predecessor MobileMe. This step is meant to allow users to easily access stored content such as applications, videos, and music. It is also expected that along with this change, Apple will also launch new features that will simplify music sharing. These changes are expected soon, and they should be a portal to more entertainment and a more social approach to iTunes.

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