Techinline Remote Desktop Review | Get Instant Browser-Based PC Access

techinline logoFounded in 2006, Techinline provides a remote support tool that allows you to access any computer, anywhere, at any time. It has browser based and desktop installed solutions depending on your needs. Instant, secure, and trouble-free is the company’s goal and from all accounts, they’ve achieved it.

Techinline provides remote access with a wide array of useful tools to help support personnel, as well as the average Joe handle any scenario that he encounters.

What are the key features?

Remote Desktop Support: Access a two-way desktop system allowing you to use any computer in the world just as if you were sitting right in front of it. That includes keyboard and mouse control, viewing the screen and access to all functions and programs within it.

Unattended and Transparent Access: The system is firewall and proxy transparent allowing you full access without restriction even if there is no one operating the other system. Viewing and operating a remote desktop, you are able to reboot and reconnect with the remote computer as well.

File Transfer: Remotely view and transfer files between remote and local computers with ease as well as print files from the remote computer to a local printer.

Maximum Security: Techinline uses 256-bit SSL/TSL encryption technology so you don’t have to worry about file security while you’re remotely accessing files or reviewing important work with clients or sharing your recent photos friends.

Branding Abilities: You can integrate their remote assistance software into your own website allowing you techs to solve your customer’s problems professionally. You will have your own customized page and your customers will receive prompt service on their investment. Remote tech support is extremely cost and time efficient as well as safe and secure.

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages?

The price is among the most competitive on the market today for this software. While there are some free versions available, they do not have the features or connectivity this system allows. There are few drawbacks but the ones I found were that the software only supports Windows based operating systems.

Mac users cannot use this software system as it does not support Mac connectivity at this time. Those that can use it will enjoy the fact that there is nothing to download (unless you choose to) and the simplicity of the user experience is unmatched. At this time, I see no mobile options for this software either.

How does it Compare to Similar Products?

There are several remote support tools on the market today but few can really compare to Techinline’s simple to operate interface and cost value.

LogMeIn is a similar product with a broad database of products geared to customer needs. They offer HD quality remote access with file share, file print and file transfer capability. They also offer mobile access which is a big plus in the current industry. The monthly pricing plans for this service are different than Techinline because it is registered per computer. While the monthly fee for one computer may be lower, if you want to operate from more than one, the rate nearly doubles.

How much does it Cost?

One of the most appealing parts of Techinline’s product is their pricing. They have a wide variety of options that appeal to a large customer base. They are separated in two categories: Monthly Subscription Service or Per-Session Subscription Service.

Monthly service is best chosen for frequent or business use. If you plan to have five or more sessions a month, this is the best choice. You have an unlimited number of sessions regardless of your monthly subscription price level and they are not tied to a specific computer so multiple users can enjoy the service.

– Monthly subscription $30

– Quarterly subscription $85

– Semi-Annual subscription $160

– Yearly subscription $300

The Per-Session category is priced in bundles:

Five Sessions $29

Twenty Sessions $119

Fifty Sessions $289

One Hundred Sessions $569

This category is best used for the occasional or light user that prefers to pay for a set number of sessions instead of a specific time period. While it is aimed at users who require less than five sessions per month, it’s important to note you can access the same computer multiple times within a twelve-hour period and still have it only counted as one session.

Per session subscriptions do not include the unattended access feature and a unique feature worth mentioning? They also accept PayPal.

What about Customer Support?

Techinline offers an extensive FAQ page with multiple sections of Q&A to assist its customers not just in operation but in making their decision to purchase. They also have a searchable knowledge base and online documentation that explains their service and can answer most any question that exists.  They also offer email contact. Their technical support team has a 24hr guarantee for response time.

What do Customers say about Techinline?

While there is a lot of talk on the web about remote connectivity, Techinline has proven itself to be a very popular solution. In researching this company, I could find no bad feedback, which is quite rare. Customer testimonials are plentiful and highlight many of the features described above.

While I did see comments regarding competition using terms such as “bloated and slow”, I found this might be caused by other factors such as slow internet speed connection or outdated software/hardware.

The Bottom Line

When dealing with software that provides remote connectivity, it’s important to deal not only with a reputable company but one that has agreed to two specific rules: They cannot connect to your computer without the specific authorization of the client/customer and also their software should not contain any arbitrary code that endangers the safety of your computer or its files.

Techinline has a great reputation and provides the guarantee of both the conditions above. It will not harm your computer or damage the integrity of your files under any circumstances. It’s easy to recommend Techinline’s services as simple to use and very operator friendly while still being a competent and tech savvy solution for any company or individual’s remote access needs.

Is there any Free Trial?

You can always try the product first and then if you’re satisfied you can put your hand in your pocket. Click here for a free trial.

Where can I find more Information about Techinline?

Visit official website for more information, questions and product details.