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teamviewer free download

Today, more than ever before, companies have employees scattered all over the globe. Conference calls can be limiting because of the lack of visuals.

Collaboration sites just don’t have enough options for true cooperation and education. It is impossible for others to see what you are referring to on your desktop, making communication less effective. Finally, there is a software solution targeted toward fixing these problems.

One Solution for Many Problems

Teamviewer is a remote support, administration, and training solution. This is an amazing piece of software. It enables a user to remotely access other computers over the Internet.

With proper safety and security features intact, TeamViewer can remotely control other computers without dealing with firewalls, IP addresses or NAT routers.

Why Would Remote Access be Useful in Business?

With TeamViewer, you can connect to computers in remote locations for a variety of reasons, both business and personal. In the business world, collaborations take place frequently.

Long distance collaboration can be vexing, particularly when attempting to talk someone through the steps of a process or through an installation of software, or even through a troubleshooting process. With TeamViewer, the licensed user can share the screen with the collaborators, controlling their mouse and computer so that they can clearly show the team exactly what they mean.

What About Personally?

In a personal context, imagine getting a call from a relative who is having computer trouble. It’s going to take a while to talk them through each step. They will describe what is on the screen and you’ll try to explain what you need them to do.

This process will repeat over and over again until the issue is resolved. Now imagine being able to remotely access their computer. You can both visualize their desktop as you try to diagnose the problem. The VolP audio and video teleconferencing features can also come into play in this scenario.

Plans and Choices

TeamViewer offers four plans: Non-Commercial, Business, Premium, and Corporate. The Non-Commercial Viewer has few functions and is offered for free. The Business plan offers a lifetime license for $749.

This includes installation to one workstation, remote support, all-in-one feature, VolP, and 1:3 concurrent sessions from one workstation. The Premium Plan includes all of the features of the Business Plan plus installation to an unlimited number of workstations, 1:10 concurrent sessions from one workstation, multi-channel routing, a management tool for managing connection partners, an alternate installation package, browser connector, and portable version.

The Premium Plan is available for a one time license fee of $1,499. The Corporate Plan offers all of the Business Plan options with 3 installation workstations, 1:15 concurrent sessions from one workstation, and 12 months of priority support. This plan is offered at $2,690 for the lifetime license for 3 channels. All plans are offered with a 7 day money back guarantee.

Is it Safe?

Your initial reaction might be fear. If your computer is open to being “shared”, what is keeping viruses and hackers from destroying it? Well, each member of your team must connect with access codes and passwords. The network remains secure at all times, during file sharing, remote access, or installation processes.

Bottom Line

For collaborations, file sharing, and remote access, Teamviewer is a great tool for business or personal use.