Back Up, Restore, Share and More. Sharpcast’s Sugarsync Review & Free Trial

sugarsync-cloud-storage-reviewBusiness users and personal users have two needs in common: you don’t want to lose any data and you want access to all your data at all times. Break free from conventional back up and restore products, and release yourself from the need to sync from one device to another.

Sugarsync offers the best of both worlds. Every cloud has a Sugarsync silver lining. – it’s time to move to the Cloud. Computers come and go, hard drives crash and files corrupt. Sugarsync offers you the confidence and peace of mind.

Got your back

Sugarsync goes way beyond the traditional backup and restore product. You get your own personal cloud. Obviously your files are continuously backed up real time safely over SSL, encrypted and accessible via your own personal Sugarsync website, everytime you add or modify a file to any of your Windows or Mac computers.

It even saves five versions of every individual document that so always have an earlier version to revert to if you need it. With limited storage, this could be seen as a big issue, but thankfully, Sugarsync only counts your most recent version towards your storage quota.

Access All Areas

If you’ve more external memory devices than you know what to do with, and you’ve forgotten what files are on which computer, laptop, usb key, external hard drive etc etc, then it’s time you consolidated all your data, files, documents, music, and photos into one central location which can be accessed via all your computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. This is the beauty of Sharpcast’s Sugarsync.

Forget about having to email your files to yourself and maintaining constant access to the latest versions. Everytime you edit a file, whether on your machine or online, the latest version is pushed to all your computers. There are apps for Iphone, Blackberry, Windows Smartphone and Android devices so you can access all your photos.

Sharing is caring.

Sugarsync allows you to collaborate online. All those versions of files you’ve got saved on your account? They can be shared with anyone who also has a Sugarsync account. Not only does Sugarsync record the last five versions, it tags the username and date of the last person to edited it. If you only want to share it as a read-only file, no problem, you can restrict write access to your files. All this is easily controlled in Sugarsync’s web interface.

Mobile music

No more realizing you never synched ‘that’ song to your mobile. No more waiting for your songs to download. Your music is always available with Sugarsync. Whether you’re using your computer, Iphone, Ipod Touch, Blackberry or Android, you can stream your MP3s and MP4As at any time, from any of your devices.

Snap Happy

Similarly to your music, if you’ve synched your photos to Sugarsync, you can access them from any of your devices on the go. The moment you take the snap on your phone you can sync it to your cloud. No more searching for that elusive cable or needing to emailing large volumes of photos to yourself to get them from your phone to your PC. Want to upload your photos to Facebook? From your website interface all you need to do is click on the album or photo you want to share and it will be published right away.

Video links

Want to share your video files by email? No problems. SugarSync handles large video files easily. All you need to do is send a link to the file, no more waiting for cumbersome files to upload. Once your recipient clicks on the link, the video will download to their device.

So what do the users say?

Sugarsync’s website is loaded with accolades from such monoliths as The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg singing its praises as well as Gizmodo’s Cloud Storage of 2011 award.

While maintaining state-of-the-art IT infrastructure for these big name companies, Sugarsync offers an open hand for small offices and start-up and established businesses; providing them reliable solution to proper data management.

Sugarsync provides users a data management platform integrated with the latest security technology that protects personal and top secret company documents not only while backed up but also while in transit.

Convenience matters. While most customers were happy for such a valuable service offered at competitive prices, some expressed gratitude over the convenience of the data management solution they got from Sugarsync.

Now, instead of worrying on how to move large files through email messages to a client or perhaps mapping out separate periods out of your busy schedule to show clients through some data, with Sugarsync, you can just give clients access to specific files lodged on their system.

And the best news is, users can have unlimited access to their data on any device of their choice, including iPad, iPhone, etc. No wonder independent review sites, like scored Sugarsync a fantastic four stars for this excellent product.


SugarSync is a versatile way to store, share, and mobilize your data and files. It is an exhaustive solution for online storage, multi device syncing, online file sharing and collaboration. A fantastically simple user interface and flexible features, Sugarsync is a brilliant service for business and personal users alike.