Review of Stream Send: Email Marketing that Gets the Message Home

Email marketing is a tricky business. It has to be creative and it has to be effective; your prospective customers have itchy fingers when it come to hitting the Delete button, or you could suffer the worst fate of all: the Spam folder. People hate junk mail, once you’ve ensure that you have your audience targeted effectively, you need the tool that will power your message to delivery, and you need to do it fast and simply, because your competitors have found your prospects too.

Stream Send is an email-marketing master, proficient in the three ‘M’s of email marketing: Manage, Market and Monitor. Not only will it help you manage your customer contact simply and effectively, it will help you monitor your results as well.

Managing your Base

Your contacts are your potential for growing your margins as your target new customers, and let’s not forget how important it is to keep good solid communication with your current base. Stream Send affords you a number of excellent features to help you manage your base and your prospects:

• A Wizard interface with simple step-by-step instructions will let you import all your contacts in a simple TXT file.

• Segment and subdivide your lists into multiple groups, giving you the flexibility to select whom you want to target as part of different campaigns.

• Use filters to define specific eligibility criteria that will automatically select the most relevant contacts for your campaign.

• Opt-In Management allows your customers to choose if they want to hear from you – you don’t to damage your brand by harassing people with spam that they don’t want. Those people could later become real prospects if your respect their right to choose.

Market to your Base

This is where the magic happens. You want to differentiate yourself from your competitors and spark their interest with engaging content and a fab reading format. There’s nothing worse than paragraphs of dull text and limp graphics. Stream Send will help you polish your pitch to perfection with tip top tools to energize your emails. Once you have your contacts uploaded you are ready to start designing your campaign. Key features are:

• Large selection of pre-defined templates to choose from

• A HTML Editor allows you to customize the templates to your own requirements, helping you set yourself apart from the competition. You can edit parts of a template without upsetting the format, use the link widget to add your own unique links or drag and drop images into defined image spots in the template.

• Get your own stock photo library going, you can store lots of images in the application so you can browse them again and again as you create new campaigns.

• Personalize your email by including your recipient’s email. This is much more likely to get their attention and shows your attention to detail.

• Configure your ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields, so you can represent yourself without any horrible mail server addresses.

• Autoresponders send your customers acknowledgement that you have received their email and are dealing with their inquiry.

• Let your customers spread your message with the social media bar to let them share or retweet your messages.

• Send your emails in multiple languages with UTF-8 character support.

• Make it a slam dunk, not spam junk! The Email Analyzer will review your completed email including its graphics to ensure that your mail won’t hit the Spam folder upon arrival. Stream Send checks your content against most of the major pop mail providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Blackberry, Windows Mail as well as clients such Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.

Monitor your Base

It’s all well and good sending your message, but you now need to know your success rates, click through and other factors that inform you on how your campaign performed. Stream Send offers solid features in this space such as:

• Analysis Reporting on number of opened, forwarded, bounced or unsubscribed emails as well as your all-important click through rate.

• Prefer visual representation of your reports? No problem, view them in graphical format.

• Export your reports into MS Excel or CSV format so you can share your success with your team.

• Integration with Google Analytics will help you accurately track your campaigns, separating your search engine results from your campaign click throughs.

So, what do the users say?

Independent review sites such as give this product a 3.5 star out of 5. Stream Send falters slightly when it comes to the tutorial support to help you use the product, but we reckon its interface is easy enough for anyone with a small amount of experience in email marketing. Dedicated marketing review sites, like awards Stream Send 4 out of 5 stars. From the buzz created around Stream Send, it seems popular with quite variety of email marketers, including the Fortune 500 companies, individual entrepreneurs, online business owners, and so many others. Their services feature adequate tracking and reporting features which offer individual users exactly what they need for effective email marketing while retaining the loyalty of the big name companies, like, Jelly Belly, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Western Union, UPS,, etc.

Furthermore, customers have different email marketing features, from Stream Send, which was of the best value to them, there seemed to be some outstanding features that made the greatest impact. Among these is the URL ‘fetch’ feature automatically eliminates the stress and waste of time that customer experience while doing a copy and paste for their email messages. While this seemed the best, most customers were thrilled by the usage simplicity of Stream Send. Stream Send may not be the best system for your business colleagues or fellow online retailers, but it has accommodated both newbie email marketers and pro users with a pool of positive feedbacks to their credit.


Stream Send delivers on its promises. It has few exceptional features but does all the basics of email marketing beautifully.