SOS Online Backup Review: Data Storage & Protection Simplified!

sos-online-backup-price-reviewWith the introduction of the internet in our lives, we have transitioned into a virtual world. All our important documents, photographs, videos, etc. are now stored on a computer rather than in physical form.

With the increasing threat of virus attacks, hacking, loss and misuse of data, it has become extremely important for individuals and businesses to find a secure and reliable way of storing and protecting their data.


I have a collection of memories, important financial documents and significant business data that I cannot afford to lose. In my search for a backup solution, I came across SOS Online Backup. This software was the perfect solution to my data storage and protection issues.

This software provides users the liberty to backup and restore all their files in just a few clicks. Its superfast backup feature and military-grade encryption ensures that your data stays protected against loss or theft.

Users can now save their data in the cloud and can access the data from any other device very easily. A busy schedule requires me to be constantly on the move. With the help of this software, now I can carry my files everywhere with me in the cloud and can access them anywhere.

As cyber crime is on the rise, it has become important to protect your personal and professional data from being misused or stolen. SOS Online is the ideal solution to help users safeguard their confidential data against such threats.

A leading firm in the industry of backup solutions and  one of the major global providers of data storage solutions, the firm offers its services to individuals and small/medium businesses and to IT service providers. The firm was established in 2001 and has 11 data centers that are spread across several continents catering to customers worldwide.

Benefits – Key Features

It proved to be extremely useful for me. I run a small business that was becoming impossible to handle. This software helped me simplify the tasks and organize my business information in proper folders. All my client details and business accounting records are now safely stored in the cloud giving me the freedom to focus my time and energy on improving my business.

In addition to that, my personal data including, pictures, videos and other essential personal documents are now also saved in the cloud and I can have access to them wherever I go. The software offers the following features:

–          SOS Online Backup has amazing backup capabilities. It not only backups your PC, but can backup up to 5 devices which includes, Macs, iPhones and Androids as well. It can also backup your Facebook account, and all this can be done by just making a single account.

–          It takes data protection to the next level. Using a military-grade process of encryption, the software backups your data three times during the online backup process. The software first encrypts the data in your device, encrypts it again during transition and a third time at the data center.

–          The software features speedy backup and is almost twice as fast as other competitors offering backup solutions.

–          The unlimited file backup and recovery option enables users to save unlimited versions of the same file. Only the initial files will be included in your GB usage while the other versions of the same file will not be counted towards a user’s GB usage.

–          The software keeps a lookout for any changes made in the files in your PC and backups all the changes without you having to worry about it.

–          It allows you to share your files with friends on Facebook. It also allows you to access, share or download any of the backup files on to your mobile. For this, it offers iPhone and Android apps that are simple to download and use.

–          It gives you the liberty to choose which files you want to make backups for. Unlike other software solutions, it does not backup all the files on your computer; rather it gives you the option to choose.

–          With data centers located in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., South Africa and Australia, the company can ensure seamless operations for their users around the globe at all times.

The best feature that I found in this software is the ability to backup multiple versions of a file without worrying about data storage space. This spares me the stress and allows me to store unlimited versions of my files.

What Information Was Missing on the Website?

The product has some drawbacks along with the benefits. For one, this software only offers a 14-Day Free Trial instead of the 30-Day Free Trial offered by others. This is a limitation for users as a month’s trial is a sufficient time for potential users to judge the product.

Moreover, the firm does not offer 24/7 customer support. Instead it offers customer service only from 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM PST from Monday to Friday. This can be a drawback for global customers.

Similar Services / Competitors?

I looked into two different cloud storage companies that are in competition with SOS Online Backup. The first company I looked at was Mozy and the second firm that I researched was Carbonite. As compared to the other two companies, I found the website of SOS Online easy to navigate.

Another point that is worth mentioning here about SOS Online is that customer reviews are posted on the home page. This is a good thing as many potential users would like to read what other people think about the service. In comparison to this, the other two websites do not have their customer reviews on the main page.

Moreover, while Carbonite can upload a 20.2 GB file in 56 hours and 10 minutes and Mozy can upload a file of a similar size in 33 hours and 3 minutes, Online Backup can upload a 20.2 GB file in 23 hours and 39 minutes. This information was concluded after conducting a speed test of the 3 competitors. The amazing backup speed offered by SOS Online sets it apart from its competitors.

Another point of difference is that Mozy offers a 30-Day Free Trial while Carbonite offers a 15-Day Free Trial. Compared to these, SOS only offers a 14-Day Free Trial, which is quite a brief trial period.

However, a feature that is common in all 3 products is that they offer Android and iPhone mobile apps to enable easy mobile access on the move.

Plans & Pricing

SOS Online Backup for Home & Home Office

There are three versions of SOS Online Backup (Home/Home Office). You can select a package that best meets your requirements.

100 GB Plan

Monthly: $9.99

For 1 Year: $99.99

For 2 Years: $174.99

(Backs up 5 computers or devices-$20 each)

This is a basic plan that allows users to store as much as 100 GB of data. With its File Selection Wizard feature, the software can save space by allowing you to choose which data you want to make backups for. This will save quite a lot of space and enable you to save the most essential data.

150 GB Plan

Monthly: $15.99

For 1 Year: $159.99

For 2 Years: $279.99

(Backs up 5 computers or devices-$32 each)

The 150 GB plan is useful for individuals as it allows them to save heavy files such as movies, games and pictures in addition to their important financial data.

250 GB Plan

Monthly: $19.99

For 1 Year: $199.99

For 2 Years: $349.99

(Backs up 5 computers or devices-$40 each)

This package allows users to save as much as 250 GB of data. This plan is best for small businesses and home offices as it can store essential customer data as well as accounting records. With the ample space provided in this plan, customers will stop worrying about storage space and loss of information and focus their energies on other, more important things.

SOS Online Backup for Home & Home Office

Two versions of SOS Online Backup (Business) are available for customers. You can select a plan that best fits your business needs.

250 GB Plan

Monthly: $99.99

For 1 Year: $999.99

For 2 Years: $1,499.99

The 250 GB plan is quite suitable for small and medium businesses. This is enough capacity to store all their business data. The prices of the package are also pretty reasonable, keeping in view the remarkable features offered by this package.

500 GB Plan

Monthly: $169.99

For 1 Year: $1,699.99

For 2 Years: $2,599.99

This plan is for medium to large businesses or those that are growing. This plan allows scalability to businesses that are intending to expand. As large companies have a significant amount of confidential information, procuring a plan like this one will keep all their data protected against theft, loss or misuse.

Customer Support

The firm provides a knowledge base with relevant information to help users find the answers to any problems that they may be facing. They also have video tutorials posted on their website that can help customers learn how the online account is to be operated. Customers can submit tickets at anytime regarding any issues and will get a personalized response to all their queries. In addition to that they have a live chat option that offers online customer service only from 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM PST from Monday to Friday.

What Do Other Users Say?

There was quite a variation in the reviews received from customers regarding SOS Online. Even though some customers are quite satisfied with the data storage and protection features of the software, other customers had a few complaints.

A few customers were not happy with the brief trial period given by the company. They were of the opinion that the period was too short to understand and learn more about the product. A few users of the software said that even though backing up files was easy and quick, restoring them took a long time and was excruciatingly slow.

Final Thoughts

Today, the internet industry is booming and new technologies have turned everything virtual. As cyber crime picks up pace, our virtual data is at risk and is very vulnerable to theft and misuse. In such a scenario, services offered by software like SOS Online allow users to sit back and relax while their data is taken care of. The software relieves the client of worry and stores and protects their data in the best possible manner ensuring complete protection and privacy. This is a high quality data storage and protection software with useful features and good pricing packages. Why don’t you try the product yourself to see how it is? Do give us your feedback and opinion about the product.

Where Can I Buy the Software?

You can purchase this software on At present, they are offering a 14-Day Free Trial so it would be nice to try out the product before you purchase it! This will enable you to see what the product is all about and use some of the basic features. This will help you make a better purchase decision and you will not have to spend money buying if it does not meet your requirements.

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Where Can I Read More?

The best place to read about SOS Online Backup is