Skype To Go Number Review: The Best Way to Stay Connected all over the World!

Review of: Skype To Go

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On October 5, 2017
Last modified:October 6, 2017


Skype To Go Number is a great tool to connect with friends, family and business associates all over the world with minimum cost. Try it today!

skype-to-go-number-reviewInternational calling can be extremely expensive. Even the simple act of calling from Canada to the United States can be fairly pricey. That’s why it is important, if you call internationally often, to find cheap alternatives to the costly telephone company charges.

Skype, the world’s leading consumer VoIP technology, offers a service called Skype To Go, which lets you save money calling your friends and family who reside internationally.

In this Skype To Go review you will learn the benefits of the subscription, how it works and its pricing details.

What is a Skype To Go Number?

Put simply, it is a local number that you call that allows you to connect to people who reside outside of your country.

You get a number from Skype, which allows you to use credits or a subscription to make your phone call instead of getting charged the astronomical rates your phone company might charge for an international call.

How Does it Work?

After you set up your first Skype To Go Number, you are immediately able to call that number to call someone internationally. Each number you get will be associated with a certain Skype To Go contact.

You can have up to 30 international contacts (on a paid plan). After you get a number, which will be local, you call that number. It then patches you through to the international number associated with the Skype To Go Number you dialed.

This entire process is meant for you to be able to side-step the costs of traditional international calling. You only pay for the local call and for the VoIP service subscription fees which should be much less expensive.

What Are the Benefits?

The biggest benefit of this awesome VoIP service is the money you save by not dealing with hefty phone bills. Since you only pay for a local call and a subscription or a few credits, you can save a ton of money (more on that in a bit).

The other benefit is that you can call anybody. Instead of a traditional Skype call, where you are limited to calling people who use Skype, you can use Skype To Go to call land lines and mobile phones in any of the approved countries.

Subscriptions and Prices

In addition to paying for the local call, you’ll also have to pay for either Skype Credits or a Skype Subscription. If you only use Skype To Go once in a while, Skype Credits are a better way since you can just buy what you need. If, on the other hand, you use Skype To Go all the time (to a particular country), a subscription could be significantly cheaper.

  • Skype Credits – You can get credits in denominations of $10 and $20. They are also available in other currencies, but in similar amounts. Once you have these credits, the minutes you use will be debited against the balance of credit on your account. When you’re out of credit, your call will be disconnected. You’re not limited to what country you can call based on your account, you can call any approved country.
  • Skype Subscriptions – Subscriptions can be had for as little as $3.00 per month per country. The price will vary depending on what country you sign up for. If you call people in more than one country, you will have to pay more than one subscription fee. As you can imagine, this is only cheaper than credits if you call one country, and do so very frequently.


Overall, a Skype to Go Number is an easy and inexpensive way to make international calls. It is easy to set up (only takes about 10 steps online), and doesn’t cost much if you limit yourself to shorter calls and just one country.

As with anything, it can add up however, so choose your payment method wisely. It can be a great way to bypass the always expensive telephone company international rates.

Skype To Go Number is a great tool to connect with friends, family and business associates all over the world with minimum cost. Try it today!