Review of Avid’s Sibelius 7: Top Scoring Notation Editing.

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Sibelius 7 is Avid’s world class, award winning music notation editing software. Whether you are a music student or a symphony composer, Sibelius is a versatile and intuitive application that’s likely to meet all your score editing needs. Sibelius provides a professional and powerful creative toolkit with revolutionary features designed to help you cleverly scan, compose, edit, arrange, or print your score.

Work Smart and Fast with Sibelius 7
Sibelius 7 offers a number of new interface features designed to improve usability and speed up the time you spend editing your score.

1. Instead of having to dig deep through drop down menus, many of the functions are accessible via command buttons on a ribbon style taskbar, divided logically over ten tab views. The new layout directly reflects the typical score editing workflow process from creating your score to adding instruments and notational marks, to exporting your work.

2. Tips appear when the cursor hovers over a feature – describing what task the associated feature performs and the associated keyboard shortcut to assist you in performing your tasks swiftly. Most of the key commands from earlier versions remain, so if you are upgrading to Sibelius 7, you won’t have to learn these all over again.

3. A new status bar provides viewing options such as zoom and panorama as well as contextual information such as page number, number of bars, bar and timecode duration of the selection and tuning convention.

4. Sticky lines and sticky tuplets are a great new way to quickly recreate slurs, hairpins and tuplets, removing this previously tedious manual process without needing to break your workflow.

5. Magnetic Layout is a dynamic tool that intelligently shifts around your notation symbols, lyrics, staves, rehearsal marks, chords, tempo marks and more, as you edit, to avoid collision and maintain beautifully presented scoring.

Enhanced Execution
A number of marked improvements are available ‘backstage’ for Sibelius 7 enabling better import, export and processing power options.

1. Sibelius 7 now offers 64 bit platform support, a world first for notation software, providing you with access to more than 4GB of RAM, which is essential for the increased sound library available and enabling you to import as many samples as you desire.

2. Take advantage of the full power of your multi core CPU as Sibelius 7 load balances multiple virtual instruments across the available core resources.

3. Drag and drop graphics into Sibelius or use drawing programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, and import and print your own drawings perfectly.

4. Scan your printed score notation into Sibelius 7 using the included free plugin Photoscore tool or purchase the Photoscore Ultimate plugin to scan in handwritten notation.

5. Use the free Scorch web browser plugin to view, edit, notate, print or save Sibelius content from the internet.

6. A built-in MusicXML interface enables sharing notation with other tools, including Finale so you can collaborate easily.

7. Publish selections or all of your score to professional PDF or EPS in one easy click.

So, what do the users say?

Avid are assuredly confident in their product, and rightly so; Sibelius has a great track history and many might have wondered what improvements they could possibly make to Sibelius 6. There is a long list of Sibelius awards on the website and soundbytes from famous users from television musical directors to orchestra composers, extolling the praises of Sibelius.

There is obviously no doubt that Sibelius 7 is at the heart of Avid’s success in providing the world effective solution to music composing, arrangement and publishing. Unlike the previous versions, Avid Sibelius 7 is scalable and comes with a user interface that welcomes beginners and students while offering them pro tools with the simplest approach.

Is Avid Sibelius 7 really the leading music composition and notation software? From the feedbacks we found, users seemed satisfied with the upgrade from version 6. From a pool of other values, they mostly commended on its fast installation, low impact on the system and the handy community support. While some independent users have been critical of the Ribbon presentation feature, preferring the drop down menus of Sibelius 6; others, such as those on independent forum have had nothing but praises. Well, we don’t expect you to take their words for it, the free trial at offer on their website is meant to help you make this decision.

Sibelius 7 provides a complete all round music notation solution regardless of your level, ability or the size of your project. It provides an intuitive tasked based user interface, and is packed with enough features and improvements to warrant your investment as the fastest, smartest and most effective way to write music. Don’t underestimate the impressiveness of Avid’s most recent member of the Sibelius family.