Seven Popular iPad Games for Kids

The iPad is one of the best family entertainment systems. With tons of applications that are suited for children, it won’t be long before your children demand screen time on that new iPad you just brought home. The beauty is that every game has an age rating, so you can tell which games are suitable for your kids and which ones are not. The following are some of the thoughtful and engaging iPad games for kids that you should consider purchasing.

1. Where’s My Water? ($0.99)

Created by Disney, this is one of the most enthralling applications that are loved by small kids, as well as teenagers. It is an addictive puzzle-based application that teaches your small children the valuable lesson of keeping healthy. By its own standards, it is neither too easy nor too hard. However, it is one of the best games on iPad. It revolves around helping the alligator keep clean despite the actions of the antagonist, Cranky.

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2. Cut the Rope ($0.99)

On Nom, one of the characters, loves candy. However, he needs some help to get the candy. Cut the rope is a sizzling game that requires the player to move the piece of candy by using a rope by having it swing across the screen until it reaches On Nom’s mouth. However, it is not as easy as it may sound; there are several obstacles that stands between On Nom and the candy. Timing, therefore, is an important aspect in this game.

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3. Stack the States ($0.99)

This is a very educational and engaging game. The game involves answering questions about a given state in the US and adding it to the digital pile carefully. If this is not done within the shortest time possible, the state tumbles off. Besides learning the nicknames and capitals of various states, this game also gives children the opportunity to learn facts about all the 50 states of the United States.

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4. Bobo Explores light ($4.99)

This is an educational application that turns science into an adventure for kids. Thanks to its hands-on experiments and interactive 3-D holograms, Bobo explores light is suitable for elementary and middle -aged children. It allows children to learn scientific concepts in a playful and engaging context.

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5. Angry Birds ($0.99)

This is a game application that is based on a story. Well, it goes that the birds have to get a revenge after the pigs stole their eggs. In order for the birds to reach the green pigs, you have to catapult them in a slingshot with a view of smashing down the construction. Based on an individual’s effort, you get from one-star to three-star to progress to the next level. The game is not only entertaining but challenging as well. You have to determine how far you have to pull the slingshot and at what angle. The bottom line is to figure out the number of birds you will need to bring the construction down.

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6. Play Hospital ($1.99)

This is an app that allow parents to teach their children about how a hospital operates through a game. Your kids will be released from the fear of going to the doctor or going to a hospital. Hospital play is presenting five important rooms of a hospital, from admission to waiting from the treatment and the pharmacy. The price is $1.99 and it is downloadable officially from iTunes.

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7. Turn and Learn ($1.99)

This app is suitable for kids that are staring to investigate their language and learning new words, as well as kids that are trying to learn a foreign language. It possesses a very intuitive interface and combined with iPad functionality, makes the learning process fun and easy. The words are divided into separate categories such as food clothing, nature, sports and etc. so your child can start from category which is most familiar and most enjoyable. The pricing is $1.99 and it can be downloaded officially from the iTunes store.

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These iPad game applications are ideal for small children and perfect for keeping them engaged and amused for hours, literally. The only trick is to limit them to about twenty minutes at a time, and about three times a day.

Author’s Bio: Biljana is a tech writer and a blogger, researching the latest tech news on cloud hosting and VPS hosting and their implementation in business.