SendGrid Cloud Products – Simple E-mail Solutions for Businesses

Cloud technology has been used for storing and accessing files, but SendGrid has turned it into a fast, simple, efficient, low-cost way to send e-mail. For businesses, creating a company e-mail system can be expensive and complicated. SendGrid gives them a way to outsource their e-mail needs, without having to compromise on cost or quality.

How SendGrid Works

In general, setting up a company-wide e-mail system means setting up and monitoring e-mail servers, performing analyses of how many of your e-mails are actually reaching their recipients, maintaining the integrity of your e-mail server’s reputation to keep you off of spam blacklists, and more. It’s not easy, and it’s not cheap. Some companies choose to forgo having company e-mail entirely, or rely on the handful of e-mail addresses that come bundled with their web hosting. With SendGrid, this no longer has to be the case.

SendGrid handles everything, from scaling their infrastructure to fit a company’s needs, to performing real-time analytics. They focus on maintaining the deliverability of the e-mails they handle, so business owners don’t need to worry about ending up in someone’s spam folder. They do all of this through cloud technology, which allows businesses to host everything they need remotely, saving them the cost of setting up and maintaining the hardware they would need for an in-house e-mail system.

What Customers are Saying About SendGrid

Overall, SendGrid’s reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. It helps businesses focus on doing what they do best, and gets rid of the headaches that occur when non-IT companies have to set up their own e-mail systems. SendGrid is also generally very economical, since thousands of e-mails can be sent (and actually make it to their intended destinations) for less than $10.

This is relative, though, and a lot of SendGrid’s positive points depend on what users want to get out of the service. For example, a lot of businesses look into outsourcing their e-mail systems for marketing purposes. SendGrid doesn’t offer users some marketing tools, like e-mail templates, so businesses that want to incorporate that kind of functionality into their marketing programs might want to look for a different e-mail system. If tools like templates aren’t a deal breaker, than SendGrid can still be used for a successful e-mail marketing campaign.

Pricing and Packages from SendGrid

SendGrid has five different e-mail packages available for businesses. These include:

– The Lite plan, for $.10 per thousand e-mails. This pay-as-you-go plan is their most economical plan for businesses that don’t rely on e-mail marketing, or who don’t have large mailing lists. Users are entitled to basic deliverability features, basic reporting, and customer support, but some of the features of this plan are stripped down when compared to their other plans. Users won’t get things like a dedicated IP, whitelabeling, whitelist services, or feedback loops, and SendGrid’s advanced reporting won’t be available to them.

– The Bronze plan, for $9.95 per month for 40,000 e-mails (additional e-mails cost $.001 each). This is their least expensive monthly plan. This plan also does not include a dedicated IP, whitelist services, whitelabeling, or feedback loops, but it does include advanced reporting, basic deliverability features, basic reporting, and customer support.

– The Silver plan, for $79.95 per month for 100,000 e-mails (additional e-mails cost $.0008 each). This is the plan SendGril recommends, since it’s the cheapest plan that still gives users access to all of SendGrid’s features. It includes all of the features of the Lite and Bronze plans, as well as a dedicated IP, whitelisting, whitelabeling, feedback loops, advanced reporting, a sub-user panel, and a marketing newsletter application.

– The Gold plan, for $199.95 per month for 300,000 e-mails (additional e-mails cost $.0005 each). This plan includes all of the features of the Silver plan..

– The Platinum plan, for $399.95 per month for 700,000 e-mails (additional e-mails cost $.00045 each). This plan includes all of the features of the Silver plan.


SendGrid helps simplify an IT problem that virtually all businesses need to worry about. Rather than sinking thousands of dollars into hardware, software, and IT workers to set up and maintain an e-mail system, SendGrid lets companies invest their time and money into other areas of their business, while all of their e-mail needs are taken care of.