Find your Competitors! Search Metrics Essentials: SEO+SEM and Social Media

Knowledge is power. Your online presence is competing for attention with thousands of other businesses. Knowing your position is an absolute must, so that you can optimize your online presence according to your customer behavior and the performance of your competitors. SearchMetrics provides a set of insightful services that deliver the appropriate analysis to interpret and improve your market position.

Searchmetrics have modulized their Searchmetrics Suite product so you can select specific modules so you can zone in on the following targeted areas that can be purchased either together as a package known as SearchEssentials or separately as:

• Social Media

Pull rank on your competitors

Searchmetric’s SEO + SEM service allows you to access the largest database in the world, since Searchmetric monitor over 92 search engines worldwide. From this you have access to the data from 15 countries in the SEO+SEM service to allow you create your own unique set of customized reports delivering intelligent metrics so you can analyze rankings, factors in your position, search volume and traffic estimations as well as information on overlapping keywords by industry and flexible informative competitor analysis. It can even process complex search results of images, videos, maps and news, and the program provides excellent coverage on B2B keywords.
Many of the competitors you face online are not the types of companies you would even be expecting, or are even competitors based in your own country. Therefore you need to know which ones are dangerous, which to ignore and which to keep an eye on. The SEO+SEM product delivers invaluable competitor analysis that is second to none. The data you require can be either sorted or exported in volume.

Check your status

The Social Media service enables you to track and analyze all the trends and information on the major social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Googe+1, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Delicious. Monitor what is clicked, ‘liked’ and discover what and who is trending. Learn what made competitors’ social media campaigns successful as you assess historical data and enable yourself to adapt your content to what users want to see. Social Visibility is a built-in algorithm tool that monitors the visibility of your social media domains and finds out how you are trending. The knowledge from the Social Media service empowers your business to monitor, track and understand user behaviors on social media, equipping you with the tools to run successful social media campaigns.
Optional add-ins are available for both of the SEO+SEM and for an extra subscription fee: Individual Dashboard and Keyword Database.

Individual Dashboard allows you to create PDF reports under your own business name. This is especially useful for companies providing SEO or Social Media assistance as a service to other companies.

Keyword Database is analysis suitable for large websites with a large directory or multiple subdomains. It provides an in depth view of the keyword success factors on your site, enabling you to see which pages are most successful and why.

So, what do the users say?

Searchmetrics is a recognized global expert at providing real web intelligence helping marketers learn true valuable insight into market share and market visibility on the world’s foremost search engines and social media sites. the world leading authority on search engine services as among the top 10 SEO vendors in the world in 2011. It’s hard to trump that kind of review.

Users such as independent review site awarded SearchMetrics 4 out of 5 stars for its SearchEssentials package and deemed the duo:
‘…two useful and worth-every-dime solutions for online businesses that are looking at a better future.’


If you want analysis on volumes of data but with concise summary KPI conclusions, based on reliable sources of data and the ability to sort and divide by country, industry, keyword and/or ability to review most popular social media sites, the level of social engagement for particular domains by number of likes, tweets, visits, and other levels of activity it’s hard to find better than the SearchMetrics Essentials modules.