Scrubly Review: Get Your Hands on it Today

Scrubly is an application that promises to make it easier for you to handle your contacts. The application is designed to clean address books by removing duplicates while backing up contacts along the way. The application is compatible with Outlook Express, MAC, Gmail and Google Apps. In addition to these it has several other features.

Benefits – Key Features

The application claims to be the first of its kind. It has some striking features including:

Compatibility with Social Networking Sites

The application promises to give people ease. It is compatible with some of the biggest social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter. The application allows users to add their friend’s photos and other information, including their birthdays, work information and websites to their address books. This integration makes it easier to handle contacts as all the information is easily available.

Removal of Duplicate Contacts

One of the biggest problems that people often face in relation to address books is the presence of duplicate addresses. It is a pain in the neck having to deal with duplicate contacts that take forever deleting manually. Scrubly comes as a blessing in this regard. The application searches for duplicate contacts and flags them giving the user an opportunity to review all the duplicate contacts and delete the ones unnecessary. Additionally, to save time, users may also delete all the flagged contacts without having to review them.

Merger of Compatible Contacts

Quite often there are two or more contacts that belong to the same person but both have some information exclusive to them. Such as, contact 1 might have the e-mail of the person and contact 2 may have the address. With Scrubly users can merge such contacts into one so that all the information is recorded in one address making it easily accessible to the user. This feature also has the option of ‘review flagged contacts’ or ‘merge all’.

Deletion of Junk Contacts

Contacts with limited information, such as the name with missing numbers or a number with no name, are considered junk by Scrubly. Since such contacts are of no use, it is better to get rid of them and clean your address book. Scrubly once again comes in handy as it flags such contacts allowing users to delete contacts they want to get rid of.

Resolution of Conflicts

Scrubly comes with a special tool called the Scrubly Conflict Resolution Wizard. This system helps solve conflicts that arise mainly due to mismatching fields that generally occur during sync or wrong posting.

Back Up

One of the greatest features is the back-up that is already created before and after a scrub. This allows you to restore contacts you deleted just in case you may need them in the future. This feature gives the rein in the user’s hands.

Pros – Cons

Scrubly is a complete application that provides what it promises. Its benefits include time saving in addition to the ease of handling everything. Managing address books manually without an application can take hours, depending on the contacts you have. Additionally, there is always the risk of deleting or merging a wrong address, which once gone cannot return.

However, with Scrubly there is no such risk. The application offers great ease to all the users due to its back-up feature. Additionally, its flag and review option allows users to check all the contacts before deciding on deleting or not deleting them.

When you look at it, Scrubly does not really have disadvantages. The application does what it says. However, some people might have trouble in managing it initially. Nevertheless, the application is quite easy to comprehend once one starts using it.

Plans – Pricing

The application is available for free with full features; however, the free version works with a maximum of 250 contacts. If you have more contacts then you may go for the other two options.

Yearly: Costs $39.95 per year and comes with the availability of unlimited contacts and scrubs allowing users full access for 12 months.

One Time: One time cost of $19.95 with full access, but limited scrubs of one time.

What Customers Say

Responses like “An absolutely superb service. Bravo!” and “I’ve already tried it and LOVED it – amazing – getting ready to do for my Gmail” are pretty common. Customers seem to have lapped up the application due to its great benefits and exciting features.


There is no denying the fact that is a complete application. The fact that it comes for free as well leaves no reason why it should not be tried. If you do not want to pay then try the free version to enjoy the benefits. Seeing the results you wouldn’t be hesitant in spending a few dollars.