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If you're looking for a serious VoIP cloud phone system, then RingCentral Office is the right choice for you! Eliminate your expenses, enjoy high quality communication, improve your productivity and maintain the professionalism of your company!

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Savvy businesses know that Voice over IP (VoIP) is the new way to set up business phone systems, saving your company potentially thousands of dollars per year.

But for many businesses, setting up a VoIP-based system can seem complicated, especially with the phone company knocking on your door, offering to do everything. RingCentral has found a way to provide cloud-based telephone services to your business at a low monthly cost.

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Why Cloud-Based Telephony?

RingCentral is working with businesses to provide inexpensive phone-based services. The company offers services not traditionally included in basic business communication systems at lower prices than many businesses pay for phone services through the telecom company.

Plus, as with all Cloud-based services, having your telephone services coming from a centralized server means you can access them from anywhere, even your mobile device.

Cloud-based services are taking over the workforce, with more businesses each year choosing to save money using these online-based services. According to recent stats, the average business can save as much as sixty percent on its monthly phone bill by switching from an on-site service like the phone company to the Cloud-based solution the company provides.

What Ring Central Provides

For as low as $24.99 per month (per employee) for a business with more than 50 employees, Ring Central can provide unlimited calling and faxing with RingCentral Fax. Your employees can even keep their existing telephone numbers, making the transition seamless for your customers.

Your plan will include free e-faxing, as well as customer support and advisors to assist you with the transition from your current communication system to RingCentral’s office system.

RingCentral sales preconfigured handsets for customers wishing to change their phones to the new system. If you’d prefer to keep your old equipment, ATA adapters will make the new technology work on your existing analog phone system.

You’ll be given unlimited extensions with your Ring Central plan, as well as toll-free numbers to give out for your customers’ phone and fax use. Each user account will receive 1000 minutes for toll-free calls per month.


Fully Staff Your Small Business

This exceptional virtual phone system provides a great solution to smaller businesses, with plans for offices with less than 50 employees ranging from $26.99-$49.99 monthly per user. Every plan the company offers includes an auto-receptionist who will play pre-recorded greetings and send the callers in the right direction. You can even choose the music your callers hear while on hold.

If your staff is spread out all over the city, state, or country, Ring Central will pull them all together under one phone system. Your customers need not even know that the employee they are transferred to is in another state, unless you choose to tell them. This simplifies your business for customers who simply want a simple, direct route to the answers they are seeking.

If you’re always on the go, Ring Central will allow you to have calls directed to your mobile device, with your Ring Central telephone number showing as your caller ID even when you call from your mobile number.

Using its mobile service, you can also view your faxes and separate work messages from personal.

iPhone users can download an app from iTunes that will allow you to make calls from your iPhone without using your minutes. Your calls will go through the app. Even if you aren’t on wi-fi, the app’s RingOut will let you dial out.

Is It Secure?

You want to be able to manage your telephone system. RingCentral’s Cloud puts you in the driver’s seat. Whether you’re on your mobile device or laptop at home, you can log into your account and manage your system from anywhere.

This may bring to mind concerns about security. Your account at Ring Central will be set up with the accesses you direct, giving only select people access to administrative functions.

Your account will be set up with a security question only you know the answer to and any passwords you initiate will be done online, safely behind our encrypted protection. If you later change your password, you will be sent an e-mail confirmation as a safeguard against security breaches.

Your calls and faxes are encrypted to block attempts to intercept them by outside parties. The program uses SSL security verified by Thawte, a leader in online security.

At the server level, RingCentral protects your information using the same strict security guards we employ on your phone system. Only a select few employees at RingCentral will have access to your information, further safeguarding your data, and those employees are carefully screened prior to being given access. Read more about voice over IP security.

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If you’re tired of paying exorbitant phone bills for your business, contact a professional for a consultation today here. Whatever your business size and needs, RingCentral can connect you with the phone system that will both save your business money and improve your efficiency, while still promoting the professionalism you demand.

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If you're looking for a serious VoIP cloud phone system, then RingCentral Office is the right choice for you! Eliminate your expenses, enjoy high quality communication, improve your productivity and maintain the professionalism of your company!



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