RingCentral Office Review: Great for Business, bad for Secretaries!

RingCentral Mobile and Ring Central Fax Review: For Businesses on the Go!

RingCentral Mobile and Ring Central Fax Review: For Businesses on the Go!

RingCentral Office is a cloud-based PBX (private branch exchange) service that transforms the traditional office phone system to fit the needs of the 21st century business model. It’s a perfect setup for companies with employees in multiple locations or who telecommute from home. Meanwhile, your customers will have no idea that your employees aren’t all in one place breathing the same stale air and stealing each others’ lunches.

For a set monthly fee (and no contract or startup costs), your company’s employees can access RingCentral’s virtual phone system from anywhere in the world. Incoming calls can be routed to any cell phone or landline, and outgoing calls are automatically routed out through your company’s central phone number—maintaining a consistent face of professionalism even when your employees are in less-than-professional conditions.

Features of RingCentral Office

• Automated reception answers all incoming calls and faxes 24/7 using interactive voice response (IVR) menus

• Unlimited free long distance throughout the US and Canada, plus competitive international calling rates

• Personal extension numbers and voicemail for every employee

• The option to set up a local, toll-free or vanity number, or keep your existing phone and fax numbers for no additional transfer fee

• Professional IP-based devices available for purchase, including desk phones, conference phones and analog adapters to connect standard phones to the Internet

No More Secretary Pool

With RingCentral Office automated reception, you have the option of using a pre-recorded greeting or recording your own. If you choose the latter, a wizard-driven production service is available for help with scripting and hiring professional voice talent. You can even opt to soothe impatient on-hold customers with your personal music selections, or provide informative targeted messages while they wait.

Enjoy Headache – Free Voice mail

Employees can check their voice mail and faxes by phone, email, or PC. One-touch call return and visual voicemail make connecting to your customers even easier. Embed RingMe buttons into your company website or employee email signatures to provide “click to call” access.
All voicemail features include easy setup wizards, or you can contact RingCentral customer service (available free 24/7) to help walk you through it.

Manage Incoming Calls with Real Time Call Controller

With RingCentral’s free Call Controller™ download, your PC becomes Command Central for your telephone system. Screen calls, forward them to other users or voicemail, or respond with text-to-voice messages without even answering. This can all be done manually on a call-by-call basis, or through automated rules based on criteria you set up.


All monthly plans include free unlimited calling and faxing within the US and Canada, plus 1000 toll-free minutes/month. Service is on a month-by-month basis (meaning no contracts to sign), and new users can test the waters with a no risk 30-day trial.

• $39.99/month per user (up to 3 users)

• $29.99/month per user (4-19 users)

• $26.99/month per user (20-49 users)

• $24.00/month per user (50+ users)

• $4.99/month for additional toll-free or local numbers

• $4.99/month for additional fax numbers

• $30 one-time fee for vanity numbers

Office equipment:

• Desk phones from $99-$349

• Conference phones for $599

• Analog adapters for $69

RingCentral Recognition & Awards

2010: World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award

2009: CNET’s Webware 100 winner

2009: Product of the Year Award, Internet Telephony Magazine

2008: PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award

What Customers are Saying

RingCentral’s white paper includes a number of quotes from happy customers who report ease of use, competitive pricing, and the freedom from having to buy extra servers and other equipment. Of course this is straight from RingCentral’s marketing office, but it does seem consistent with the general public perception of the service. I only found a few complaints of RingCentral Office posted online. These mostly griped about useless customer service and the difficulty people were having canceling their accounts. But the blog Even the Best Hostings Suck Sometimes defended against this claim by posting screenshots of the extremely simple cancelation process.

Bottom Line

Overall, the majority of RingCentral Office customers seem to be happy with their services, so it seems like a safe and smart investment for businesses that need a powerful central communication system.