RingCentral Mobile & Fax Review: For Businesses on the Go!

RingCentral Mobile and Ring Central Fax Review: For Businesses on the Go!

RingCentral Mobile and Ring Central Fax Review: For Businesses on the Go!


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RingCentral provides a complete, reliable, cloud based business phone and fax services. With RingCentral Mobile, customers can virtualize this service even further by using their own mobile devices. Think of it as RingCentral Office’s smaller – sleeker cousin.

It’s a cost-effective solution for companies whose employees are in the field more than they are the office (real estate agents, contractors, delivery drivers, etc.), or for those not interested in the cost and upkeep of additional office equipment. RingCentral Fax goes one step further and renders traditional fax machines—and the hassle of busy signals and paper jams—obsolete.

RingCentral Mobile & Office Features – Benefits

• Individual employee extensions and voicemail

• Automated 24/7 answering of all incoming calls

• Auto-receptionist featuring professionally recorded or custom interactive voice response (IVR) greetings and menus

• Automated or manual answering rules to simplify incoming call management

• Automatic call distribution (ACD) to any mobile phone, landline, or PC, as well as custom hold music and message options and customer queues

Free RingCentral App

The RingCentral Mobile app has a number of useful features that help keep your employees’ business lives separate from their personal lives—at least as far as faxes and phone calls are concerned. Available free with any RingCentral plan (Office, Mobile, or Fax) the app includes:

• Availability for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry

• Visual voicemail with push notifications and one-touch call return capabilities

• The ability to make VoIP calls without using your own wireless plan minutes

• Caller ID displays central company number no matter what phone or device is being used to place the call

Differences Between RingCentral Office & Mobile

All of the features of RingCentral Office are available to RingCentral Mobile customers, except for the option to buy office phones—not a big deal if you’re in the market for a mobile communication system anyway.

As far as I can tell, the only major difference between the Office and Mobile services is the price—particularly when it comes to the smaller monthly plans. The beginning Pro plan is only $8.29/month for up to ten extensions plus 300 local, long distance, or toll-free minutes. The most basic plan for Office is $39.99/month for up to three extensions, unlimited calling and faxing in the US and Canada, and 1000 toll-free minutes. The Mobile Pro plan definitely provides a viable option for companies who have fewer employees using fewer minutes, but who still want to present a unified, professional face to customers.

However, once you start comparing the bigger plans, it’s Office that is the better deal. The highest available ProUnlimited Mobile plan (featuring all of the bells and whistles, including unlimited extensions plus unlimited local, long distance, and toll-free minutes) is actually more expensive ($31.29/month) versus the equivalent Office plan ($24.99). So essentially, the smaller your business, the more you should consider RingCentral Mobile over RingCentral Office.

Get Your own Toll Free Number

RingCentral Fax Features – Benefits

• The ability to send and receive faxes via email

• The ability to send faxes from any Microsoft Windows application

• Encrypted connections and password-protected online storage

• Editing software that allows you to annotate and sign faxes electronically

• Text alerts for received faxes

RingCentral Fax offers a variety of plans ranging from $7.99/month for 500 pages to $49.99/month for 2500 pages. There’s also a Fax ProUnlimited plan that offers unlimited pages and unique fax numbers for each employee.

Sterling Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

It’s difficult to find negative reviews of the RingCentral Mobile or Fax services, or RingCentral in general—apart from a handful of claims that customer service is shoddy and reports that customers continued to get billed after cancellation. But a few isolated incidences of issues like these come with the territory of large service companies, so it’s hardly a major blemish on RingCentral’s record.

The company has won numerous awards, and the positive reviews far outweigh the negative. They also offer a free 30-day trial for customers to give them a test drive. All in all, RingCentral Mobile and RingCentral Fax are both relatively safe gambles for small businesses looking for easy, dependable phone and fax service.