Super Charge Your Mac OS with Three Must-Have Applications!

The term “There’s an app for that” seems to apply to everything Apple these days, as apps are continually rolled out for the Mac operating system. With so many apps to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones are the best. We’ll look at three of the best apps for your Mac OS.

Application No1: RestoreMeNot

Experiencing problems with OS X 10.7’s resume feature? While it can be convenient to have all windows you were using the last time you used a piece of software automatically open when you come back, it can be problematic for some users. For instance, you may be working on multiple versions of a file, only to have all versions open up when you double-click the application. This can be confusing and lead to data loss. Or you may have problematic files that you can’t seem to make go away because of the resume feature.
RestoreMeNot can disable the resume feature on some or all of your applications. Using the RestoreMeNot panel, you can select from a list of software applications and choose which ones to disable. Note that the RestoreMeNot panel does not disable window restoration, only restoration of apps that happens as part of Mac’s “resume.”
RestoreMeNot is available for free at RestoreMeNot is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 or later and requires an Intel processor.

Application No2: HyperDock

While Mac users have a definite preference for the Mac OS, there are a few things about the Windows operating system that create a little operating system envy. One of those is Windows 7’s Aero Peek view, which allows users to mouse over a window and make all other windows fade away.
HyperDock brings the functionality of Aero Peek to your Mac, allowing you to mouse over an icon and see all open windows associated with that program. Just like with Windows 7, you’ll have a small pop up that gives you a “peek” into the file that is open, allowing you to pick that window at just a glance. If you’re playing a song in iTunes, the name of the song will pop up, along with pause, forward, and rewind controls.

Another feature of HyperDock is the ability to assign keyboard shortcuts to those items you use most often, enabling you to open Safari with just the touch of your keyboard. HyperDock imitates Windows 7’s AeroSnap feature. When installed, AeroSnap “snaps” your window to the right side of your screen at half its original size when pulled to the right. It does the same thing on the left when you pull the window to the left. This allows you to split screen your desktop, easily working on two things at once.
HyperDock is free for now, with the promise of a small fee after the initial beta period. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a great app for free.

Application No3: HyperSpaces

Let’s face it—we all like to customize our desktop to express our own personalities. HyperSpaces gives you the ultimate control over your Spaces, making each one a unique color or picture you assign. You want each of your workspaces to be as unique as the work you are doing in each of them, and HyperSpace allows you to do that.
HyperSpaces also includes a Space Switcher, which lets you easily go from one space to another, thanks to the unique colors and pictures you’ve assigned to each one. By displaying them all in one place, you can choose where you want to go and switch with minimal effort.

But photos and colors aren’t the only way to customize your Spaces. You can assign names to each space to further help you find what you need. Additionally, HyperSpaces provides hotkeys, letting you assign keystrokes to complex actions like hiding all your icons or going to the previous Space. By using your predetermined keystrokes, you can save yourself time, as well as hiding what you’re doing from prying eyes. These apps are only the tip of the iceberg. With so many valuable apps, you can truly make your Mac your own.